Wednesday, September 06, 2006

French Tea

tea leaves from france

Yes yes, I love tea and I'm going to talk about yet another amazing tea that I've tried.

Okay that tea you see there, my gosh, it's gorgeous.

My friend Mark went on a cultural immersion trip to France during the holidays and stayed there for 5 weeks. I took this opportunity to see if he could get some lovely tea leaves that Flo of Bliss in the Kitchen sent me during the 2nd Edition of Blogging By Mail.

Flo sent me plenty of delights from France including the unforgettable tea!

So anyways to cut the long story short, I copied down the address so Mark could perhaps check out the same shop she got it from.


When he went there, there was no tea shop! Oh well... maybe it was the wrong address or wrong place. Hmmm but he did go to Lyon where the shop was supposed to be.

Whatever it is, it's okay because he bought me some fruity tea instead. Yep, those black tea leaves came all the way from France in Mark's luggage. Haha... thanks loads Mark! I really dig the tea. It smells divine and the tea had no bitter aftertaste, which was atonishing.

Well most tea I drink almost always leave a bitter taste in my mouth but this was an exception. So yep, I'm drinking this tea slowly - can't bear to finish it all so soon...

Oh, the 5th edition of Blogging By Mail is currently taking place and I'll be sending my parcel really soon. I think it's too late to join already but do look out for the next edition.

Here's my thanks to the host this time round: Stephanie the Happy Sorceress of Dispensing Happiness. It's no mean feat and I salute her for organising it this time round. Of late there are 85 participants! Gosh that's like more than 5 times the original number of participants. This should go down in the Guiness World Book of Records for the largest mass food mailing event don't you think? :p

Allrighty, I'm off! Time to snooze! Gotta wake up in time for my morning lecture - ciao!


Mahek said...

such a lovely photograph
so how are you
write to me

Gustad said...

when i first saw that pic, i thought it was dried seaweed bits. i use them alot

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse said...

Baker what type of camera you are using? Nice photo shooting!

the baker said...

mahek: thanks, i'm fine! how are you?

Gustad: haha oh yea, come to think of it, it does look like dried seaweed bits!

My Space: thanks.. oh I use a simple Canon Ixus 500. i must say it has served me well :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely tea from Voisin !..
I live in Lyon and I know Flo,we had a wonderful picnic on july 3rd...
Even though Voisin's tea is quite good and of good quality, I must say this is not the best tea shop in Lyon - and I wonder why Flo gave you this one and only adress?-.
Voisin is a very famous trade mark here for chocolates and especially Lyon's specialties like "coussins", "cocons" or "quenelles".
They sell gorgeous "Pavé doré au Whisky"...
But, as a tea lover, it is the last place I would buy my tea at...
They don't have much choice and for me their coffee is much tastier.
Well, it may be just a taste point of view.
Anyway,if you or any of your friends come to Lyon I suggest you visit Cha-Yuan's boutique :
there is one :Place Carnot near the Perrache station,
and one : Cours Vitton, Lyon 6ème.
If you do love tea a lot, you could e-mail me your adresse and I could send you some samples ;o).
Unfortunately, I don't think Voisin's chocolate could handle the journey so well ;o) !!!


Anonymous said...

hey i think i saw u today at a busstop along changi road.. think it's around 12+pm and u were wearing the standard chart blue singlet. Am i right?=) Anyways i love ur blog and it always inspires me to find for new recipes for my next baking spree=)


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