Sunday, September 17, 2006

Steamboat Seafood Buffet

messy messy table

Just how messy can a table get?

Apparently as messy as that table above.

Where can you find tables as messy as that?

I think the locals should know... Do you? :)

It's got this:

steamboat bbq buffet

and lots of this:

raw meat

some of this:

cooked food

and alot more.

Yep, it's a buffet! Not just any buffet. But one of the cheapest buffet around. Come on, where else can you get free flow of meat, fish, seafood and the works for just $12 nett?

I know this is no Seoul Garden but still, for the price, it's really worth it. Might be a tad uncomfortable because of all the smoke around but I guess the price more than makes up for it?

I went home smelling like a barbecued piece of meat!

So anyway, for those who still have no idea where is this place, it's Chin Huat Live Seafood. It's at Marina South. I was there yesterday night with my dearest Amplify Ministry. It was a birthday celebration for all the September babies.

In case you're wondering, nope I didn't bake the cake. Heh, I wish I could, but I've been sooo busy with school and all that I haven't had time to bake! I miss baking!

Oh well, I guess if I intend to get good grades, I have to prioritise my time. But don't worry, I'll bake whenever I have the time to. What I've been doing is to save any recipe that I come across and want to try. I have already printed out a stack of recipes I'm dying to try out! My oven is crying out to me... I can hear it .. haha...

Okay, baking aside, here's some photos of my friends and I from yesterday:

say cheese
From left: Jules, Joel, Grace, Cass, Me

Here's some of us, smiling for the camera.

I love these people. They're such a fun bunch. There's no end to laughter, smiles and good eats whenever I'm with them. Seriously, they're like family to me.

Oh and Jules, she's the unofficial Amplify photographer. She always has her camera in hand, to capture all those Kodak moments. She also uploads all the photos onto Snapfish really fast! Super efficient. That goes without saying. Hey, she's a lawyer, mind you! Oh speaking of which... haha, here's a shout out to Jules' colleagues - I heard from her that you read my blog.... I hope I've done my part in whetting your appetite just before lunch ya? :p

Here's Grace and Cass:

grace and cass

They look like they're enjoying the prawn. These prawns are served to you live (they give us a tub of them) and it's rather cruel because you can see them wriggling as they get cooked. But that's why they taste so fresh. Heh.

Oh yes, Grace is another lawyer. There are many lawyers in Amplify! Grace is me and JF's ice cream and dessert buddy. We love ice cream and she's the one who went for the chocolate buffet at Fullerton hotel... Another chocoholic I love!

And Cass, hmmm I don't think I can say where she works at. It's a secret. Shhhh.. I dont' wanna get into trouble! But she's also a big foodie and she has a super high metabolism. She and Leonard are so skinny... God has blessed them tremendously. They are two very inspiring people I love.

jules an dme

Here's Jules and me, posing with some food!

And here's one more picture just for fun. Please don't ask me what we're doing because I really don't know.

Amplify girls all in a row
From left: Lynette, Florence, Me, Jules, Grace, Cass, Lydia

We have loads of rubbish shots like this. Hmmm if I'm not wrong, the hand gesture is to pretend we're covering our 'double chin'? Haha, actually I think it was because Lydia didn't like this other photo that we shot because her it made her look like she had a double chin... Lydia, please don't kill me... So anyway, this photo was to poke fun at her. Heh, I know, we all look silly. But hey, that's how Amplify Ministry is like. We're not afraid to look silly! Oh man, I love these girls... They make my life so much more fun.

I tell you, life just seems to pass by so fast, especially when you're so busy. Heh, these days, when I'm not busy studying or doing ministry stuff, I'm watching My Lovely Samsoon. It's this Korean drama that I totally dig. I'm like hooked okay. The main character's this pastry chef who studied in Le Cordon Bleu in France and watching the show just makes me more adamant on pursuing my dreams of studying patisserie. You know what, I'm going to do just that. It won't be too soon because of financial reasons but I know I will do it someday!

Okie, before I go, I want to say hi to Rose. Yes, it was interesting how I met her today. I was attending mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in town and she recognised me. She was sitting in front of me the entire time. Haha, it was nice to meet you Rose. Thanks for reading my blog... Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Yeh so worth it but Im really scared of buffet like that. I usually force myself to eat more than I can and I dont understand why, hahahaha. Ive a phobia of soul garden becuz of my force feed, lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't it so fun! I love steamboat..

backStreetGluttons said...

what a feast ! when in KL dont forget the roadside one ok ! enjoy !

Beau Lotus 涟 said... did you get to bake, cook and go around eating such goodies and not gain weight?

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