Monday, September 04, 2006

Fruit & Melon Bowl

melon bowl

Fridays are my most favourite day of the week.

Apart from it being the last weekday before the weekend arrives, I love it because of Amplify's Fridays. Some of you might know of this youth ministry I'm in. Also known as Amplify, we meet every Fridays at 8pm and for the past weeks I've been helping out with the hospitality team, and put in charge of the food.

You know, refreshments and stuff for after the session ends.

And so far, it's been exciting and fun as the team and I try to come up with something original every week.

This week was supposed to be colourful and garden-like since we were doing a 4-part series known as God & Life. So it's supposed to be lively and what not.

So the team and I came up with this:

fruitti tutti

Pretty? I think it's lovely, the colours especially. Lydia and I was shopping at NTUC and brainstorming about how to put together a fruity-thing in a presentable fashion....

Then 'Eureka'! Melon balls I thought!

So we bought a honeydew and water melon. It felt boring so we decided to get these too:

champagne grapes

Grapes and kiwis!

Aren't they pretty?

But the grapes, man, the grapes are really special. Know why?

Check out their size:

champagne grapes

Not sure if you can see it properly but these grapes are reeeeally tiny. They're known as champagne grapes and we found it at NTUC. A box was about $3.80.

tri-boro champagne grapes

I'm not sure if they're called champagne grapes because champagne's made out of it. No matter what, I still like these grapes. They're really sweet and adorable! Geez I never knew grapes could be that tiny. Pretty things. Perfect for decorating any dessert I think.

So viola, we added these grapes to our fruit melon bowl and got a beautiful fruity combination! You noticed we used the watermelon skin as a bowl? Now that's called making full use of every part of a fruit. Cool eh?

I think this is a keeper. If I ever have a party, I'll definitely make this! So simple, so healthy and so picture perfect! :)


Sammy said...

omg! the fruit bowl look so nice and tempting! I'm too lazy to decorate my fruits though :P

Anonymous said...

Heheheh when my mom buys watermelon, I will spend my time using my melon baller~ Love it.. gives a better texture too! I like NTUC! I bought some of these grapes and they are delish!

Anonymous said...

Oh btw babe, Ive a question and maybe you can help me. I dont have an oven at home here, so I used my microwave to bake some muffins just like how I always do when I was in Perth. However it just did not come out right.

Do you reckon its the flour problem or microwave? Can you recommend a good self-raising flour for me. I like wholemeal self-raising but I cant find any here, haikz.

Anonymous said...

Your fruit bowl looks so pretty ! The presentation really looks so much better then just plain slices on a tray, but its definitely worth the time and labor. :)

Just a question, is it difficult to scoop the watermelon and melon into balls? As it does it require some "technique" or a lot of wrist strenth? Thanks!

the baker said...

yummie dummie: haha it's worth the effort especially if you want to impress people!

michie: yes, please do. it's really easy! hmmm you use a microwave oven? i think it's the oven and not the flour. actually any brand of self raising flour is okay. you can mix normal wholemeal flour with some self-raising flour?

michelle: it's really worth it. and actually, it's not as difficult as it looks! nah, scooping the balls is as easy as A B C. no need technique. as long as you have the melon ball scoop. better to use the metal one! :)

Anonymous said...

That fruit looks delicioius. I love champagne grapes. They are one of those go to items that adds color and interest to any tablescape.
Good work and great hospitality!

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse said...

The fruit bowl is so lovely, Baker you must have cut the watermelon using very sharp knife? The melon balls are round, need very experience hands to do it!

the baker said...

Ashley: that's right! i love these grapes. they're so adorable...

My Space: thanks! oh yes, i used a metal melon ball scoop. the trick is doing it swiftly!

Anonymous said...


champagne grapes are a waste of time to eat! LOL.

the fruit platter looks nice. i shall use it for my next 'friends come to my home to eat' thingy.


convention oven and microwave ovens are 2 diff kind of animals. the same recipe wont turn out same. there are recipes meant for microwave ovens only.

Plume said...

I want grape like that!
I've never seen any in France, curiously.

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