Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Solero Orange Fresh

solero orange fresh

Desserts are my weakest link.

I always give in to that occasional craving for that scoop of ice-cream, a bar of chocolate and that tiramisu by the shop window.

Sweet things make me happy and there's no better way to cheer myself up on a hot and sunny day than some good ice-cream.

Ben & Jerry's is definitely one of my top favourite ice-cream brands. I usually go for ice-cream by the scoop but once in a while, I like to pop my head over the ice-cream freezer outside 7-11 or the supermarket to check out what new flavours there are right now in the market.

Sometimes I end up buying a stick of red bean ice-cream or that green tea & redbean one by Meiji. But most recently, I have a new favourite: Solero Orange Fresh.

My sis bought some home the other day and let me try some and I became a fan since then.

Solero has had a few flavours but this is by far my favourite one. It's actually blood orange sorbet with orange ice cream in the middle:

orange sorbet

It's really very refreshing! Tends to be a tad sweet but hey desserts are usually meant to be sweet, no?

Anyway go try it for yourself!

More about ice-cream in another post.... oh yes, and tell me about YOUR favourite ice-cream why don't you?


Anonymous said...

i used to love fruit tree sorbet bars! but unfortunately i can find them now. Thsi looks absolutely delicious. Going to try it when i pop by cheers or ntuc.=)

Anonymous said...

Definitely Mr Bean's Soya Ice Cream!!! I want now~~~

Karen said...

Oooh I love Solero's Split. It's refreshing, yet satisfies my craving for something creamy.

I must try this Orange one too.

Rach said...

My 2 favourites: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food + Haagen Daaz's Strawberry Cheesecake. But gelati along Lygon St in Melbourne is awesomest.

My Space said...

Have you try Weis's Boysenberry and Cream? is rich and creamy! ^_^
I've a post to introduce it to my friends at:


almondjelly said...

i like those so-called "homemade" ice-cream sold by those mobile hawkers ringing the bells ... Usually a few flavours, chocolate, durian, sweet corn are combined in several scoops into the cone .. sold for $1 each .. well, it's a cheapo ice-cream, but i just like the taste of it ... ;-)

Sunburnt said...

I am not a big ice cream lover, but i am addictted to an ice cream palour in Parkway Parade called Scoopz (beside MPH). It has very very good durian ice flavour, please also try the Rum & Rasin, soupsop and Grape(Personal Favourite). They have friendly staff and generous with their servings.

Hope everyone has the chance to try it.

Hazel said...

Love the honeydew flavour at Scoopz IMM, but my all-time favourite is Island Creamery ice cream! :)

michie said...

Ah will keep a lookout for that!

I love Baskin and Robbins Pralines and Cream! I always go to the NTUC near Parkway Popular to get London Dairy Pralines and Cream! Delicious! Hehehhee

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Swenson's sticky chewy chocolate and yam ice cream! I swear they have the best yam ice cream ever. Simply brings back memories :) oh yeah! haato gelato at Liang Court's basement serves a mean hazelnut flavour too!

Anonymous said...

Just the other day I was on the plane, and happen to sit next to the kitchen. I asked for more ice cream and the lady gave me the whole container! :-P I ate 3.

You like Meiji, try the Water Chestnut flavour. That's so delicious. NTUC has promo 2 or 3 months ago, Bulla Ice cream, ooo.. they are so creamy!

hamster said...

Ben and Jerry's - try their Cherry Garcia and their Mint one... I dun remember the name offhand! Loads of chocolate and morischino cherries in the ice cream for the first... and just large choc chunks for the mint ice cream. The flavour is good too!

The Liang Court basement gelato also serves superb red bean, milk and green tea ice creams.

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