Monday, September 11, 2006

Crisp Bread

tuna egg and feta cheese on crispbread

A recent discovery of mine has lead me to think of various ways to cook up something different.

That would be crispbread:

crisp rye bread

I really don't know why they call it bread when it's more like a biscuit. It's crunchy and I like eating it even on its own. Made out of rye, it makes a good healthy snack.

I'm not sure how they make it but over the weekend I was hungry and was in a rush so didn't have time to cook a proper meal.

Then I thought, hey, why not make something and eat it with them crispbread?

So I did... and this was what I came up with:

tuna egg combi

I suppose you can see for yourself what I put.

Dad had steamed some fresh tuna a few days ago so I used that. I added some scrambled eggs and then mixed it all up with some sauce. Actually any sauce would do - bbq, mustard, ketchup... be creative!

Then I topped it with some feta cheese.

How did it taste? I liked it. But perhaps you would have to like tuna to make these? Or you could always use other meat or fish.

Whatever it is, I really like the versatility of crispbread. It doesn't have much taste on its own which makes it great for pairing it up with other ingredients.

You can get it at most supermarkets I think - NTUC. I think Ikea sells it too.

Allrighty, off to school I go... tataz!


Anonymous said...

That looks yummy!

I just love the feeling of putting together food, and the bliss of tasting something that one puts in effort to make.. mm..

Even though it may not taste as good as the food outside, it always give me a sense of satisfaction.

Loving your blog, keep blogging! (:

pinkie said...

I better becareful with this one cos there are just too many delicious creations in here! Nice blog, I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing :)

Rachel said...

Yum. I love things on crackers.

Anonymous said...

it's simply delectable. You must try putting cream cheese on it too :)

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