Monday, October 17, 2005

Eating up my BBM package

Closeup of Valrhona Chocolate

I tasted France in more ways than one and it's all thanks to the totally creative and ingenious Blogging By Mail idea thought up by Nic of Baking Sheet. It's thanks to this 'event' that I have had the opportunity of tasting food from around the world. My previous package was from the States and just recently, from France.

I've not yet told you guys how the chocolate, tea, jam and chestnut spread tasted. So here am I, with the full intention of letting your tastebuds imagine what these delights taste like. So enjoy!

Ahhh I'm sure that brown photo up there caught your eye. I don't need to describe it, but all I can say that it's phenomenal. It's dark chocolate! 66% at that. . . with hazelnuts. . . lots of it. chocolate is my best friend.

Tea from France

Here's how the tea looks like. Okay I'm not really sure what tea leaves these are, but the packaging printed something like chamomile, lime, mint and orange... in french, well at least that's what I think it said. Did use babel fish to translate! Anyways this tea is delightful. Refreshing and perfect for a relaxing afternoon chilling out at home. Flo sent a huge pack, so I'm not too worried about finishing it soon. There's plenty to last me for the next month or so! And it helps that I love tea.

Lovely Strawberry preserve

Strawberry preserve with rose petal - even the name sounds utterly sweet and quaint. Ate it with some bread for breakfast a couple of days ago and it was lovely indeed.


Finally, the chestnut spread. This is the most interesting of the lot. I've never tasted this before - but I like alot! It's sweet, and thick. Okay i'm trying to figure out how to describe it well. Let's see, it tastes a bit like red bean paste, or should i say chestnut paste? There's this rustic feel to it. Man, you have to try it for yourself to know what i'm talking about. It's simple and it's sweet - i have a sweet tooth so naturally i liked it. Just found out I can actually buy it from Carrefour here in Singapore. So that's good i guess... maybe i'll go get me more!


Anonymous said...

hey, u should try the chestnut spread on those european kinda bread, esp those sour kind! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! I wanna be the little jack horner who sits in the corner of YOUR kitchen and stick MY thumb into your pie!
All the WAY from FRANCE?
What is this world coming to man?
Crazy people sending food via mail.. speak of GLOBALISATION.

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