Monday, September 25, 2006

Watermelon & Banana Smoothie

Once in a while, I'd have crazy ideas, be it about food, life, or just about anything.

My ideas do sometimes turn out better than expected and I'll take this smoothie for example:

watermelon and banana smoothie

Allow me to paint this scenario where I wake up early in the morning scouring the kitchen for some breakfast to eat:

Me thinks to myself: "Man I'm hungry, what should I eat?"

Opens the fridge, nothing new there. Checks the microwave and lifts the lid off the wok and finds it empty as air. Walks around the kitchen thinking of going out to get some food, then pauses again due to pure laziness

Myself: "Well there's eggs and cheese, so should I make a cheese omelette sandwich yet again for the umpteen time this week? .... Nah, maybe not"

Opens cupboard and sees Weetbix but alas there's no milk in the fridge!

Me: "I could eat dry Weetbix with honey but I don't feel like having that today"

Then I open the freezer and this stares back at me:

frozen watermelon

I: "Ahhh.... this might be something"

Walks toward the window latch where this is hanging:


Why didn't I notice it before? I love bananas. Bananas are good. I suddenly go bananas over bananas and then as I pluck one, I start to think: "Would bananas go with that lovely frozen fruit I found in the freezer?"

There was only one way to find out and the only way was the way of the blade.

The wicked metal blades of our Braun blender.

In went the banana and the watermelon, wait, the frozen watermelon.

What resulted from that union was something quite unexpected. Good, but surprisingly better than what I imagined. It tasted almost like soft ice-cream or sorbet. Hmmm, well I start to think how well other fruits would mix together and felt tempted to further experiment with some dragonfruit, then I remembered I had to rush to school. So I held that thought and continued with my smoothie...


Doesn't the pink hue look sweet? It's pastel pink and it's yummy!

Now I know that it's possible to play with your food and still end up with something tasteful. I really should play around with my food more often, no, I mean fruits. Wait fruits are food. Anything that's edible are food. Or is it? What's food anyway? Things you eat? What if you don't eat something because of personal reasons, is it not food? Hmmmm.... okay, before you raise that brow and start to think I'm going a little cuckoo, that's just something I picked up from Sociology of Food. I've been studying how food is far from just stuff you put into your mouth. There is a functionalist & conflict perspective involved mind you. And don't be surprised if Marx or Weber comes into the picture. That's what you get for reading the blog of a food crazed sociology major.

All right, enough banter; Just try out the smoothie combo, you might like it :)


Anonymous said...

food is something to satisfy the hollow called hunger. ;D

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse said...

I like the pinkish look of the smootie.

Mahek said...

good work the smootie looks so yummy you know banana is a favorite of both me and my son.
i make something called banana shikran ie mash bananas or finely slice them add milk just enough to dip them in add a little sugar and if you like cardamom powder ,it tastes great so simple and filling .
my son had it all thro his baby days , but its not only for babies but adults like it too with roti or chapati or on its own.

Brilynn said...

This is a great combination! I used to work at a place that had a yogen fruz machine and I made this all the time.

Anonymous said...

i would but bananas are 12 bucks a kilo here in aus. *pengsan* can't bake my banana bread at all.. :(

Aarika said...

I loooove a good smoothie, there is just something so delightful about putting random stuff in a blender and ending up with a drink.

Also, thank you so much for the Blogging by Mail package. I adore it. Especially because I've actually had those White Rabbit candies before and know how delicious they are and everything else looks really good, though I may be e-mailing you about the best way to prepare some of the things =) Thanks again!

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