Friday, September 01, 2006

Just some cheese, an egg and a non-stick pan


You know sometimes how two ingredients go so well with each other that you can't stop using both all the time?

It's like they're so inseperable and so happily married that a divorce is impossible!

Before you think me crazy, talking about food this way, just bear with me ya?

I suppose you'd understand when I tell you about said ingredients.

Or you'd also have guessed it by now, due to the photos!

All right, I'll just admit that I am a sucker for cheese - melted cheese at that. And what gets me going in the mornings is a cheese omelette sandwich:

cheese omelette sandwich

With the cheese warm and oozing.

Now, I'm not sure how you cook your cheese omelette (i suppose everyone has their own way) but recently I discovered the beauty of a very good non-stick pan and found that there's an easier way to cook cheese omelette.

The way I do it is as such:

I beat the eggs and pour it into a non-stick pan and let it cook a while, making sure the egg spreads evenly around the pan.

Then I'll place a slice of cheese right smack in the middle, allowing it to melt a little, then folding the omelette around it via the 4 sides. Think of it as folding a present. haha. I know it sounds really simple, but hey it's fun! It's like a cheese parcel. Yummy... The great thing is that the cheese is safely contained in the egg and doesn't drip or ooze out, until you bite it:

Oozing cheese

Check out all that cheese! Mmmmm.... Every bite was a reward in itself because of the soft, warm cheese.

The amazing thing is that I used NO oil whatsoever when cooking the omelette.

How's that possible? A non-stick pan of course but not just any non-stick pan. It just had to be WMF's non-stick pan:

WMF Frying pan

Those are water droplets I sprinkled to show you how smooth and 'non-stick' the surface is. I've used other non-stick pans and none has proven to be as amazing as the WMF.

WMF pan handle

Dad bought this pan a few months ago at an Isetan sale and he got it at a much cheaper price. Forgot how much though. About $60+ I think? The original price was supposedly more than $100.

Since he bought this (and two other pans/wok), I've been using it to cook my omelettes. So thanks to this non-stick pan, I am able to have an oil-less omelette! Haha... not that it makes it less fattening (cheese is quite rich) but who cares! Eat in moderation and everything will be fine.

I really love making breakfasts. It's just the start of the day and I know I want to feed myself (and others) well. But it's quite hard too because that means I have to rack my brains to think of what to eat in the morning and usually no one has the energy to think so much the moment they get outta bed. But I guess I'm quite a morning person. I've grown accustomed to it. Okie dokie, I gotta run.... I've to be in school soon! Tataz.... and Happy Friday! The weekend is here again! Yippie! :)


:: Pastry Girl :: said...

i suppose the bread you are using is Bonjour Wholemeal bread right?

Hey..What i always do is toast the bread with the cheese in the oven instead and add in some slices of tomatoes to go with it. Wholesome breakfast! :)

the baker said...

nah, i use First Choice wholemeal bread. cheaper i think. ya, toaster's good too... but haha i lazy to take it out and wait.

Sha said...

That is definitely what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks! =)

D said...

Damnnnnnnnnnnn that melted cheese looks so good! Sometimes, the simple things in life are best. Is that a Kraft slice or something else like sliced chedder or Swiss cheese?

cruel-intentions said...

I made it for my lunch juz now and it taste really goooooodddD! haha, thanks for sharing this with us!

looking forward for more of your receipes!

Anonymous said...


If you've got a sandwich maker, it's even better. Those things where you put your sandwich on the hot plate, and press the top plate down. Those things!

Grilled cheese sandwich.

Over here in Melbourne, coz we have a larger variety of cheeses, I no longer buy Kraft slices. Those are so plasticky! We buy block cheddar and slice them to however thick we want em to be.

Anyway, when you put your cheese sandwich in, you butter the TOP sides of the sandwich, then press the sandwich maker down.

So the end result is a crispy grilled cheese sandwich. You bite into em, and u get molten cheese. Yum. Sometimes the cheese leaks out, so it's fried with the butter which you spread on ur bread. To die for la.

- Lara

DK said...

What cheese you use?

Those square square thin slice type issit?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,

Ooohhh... just look at the cheese oozing out....

Anyway, I've just tagged you to complete a meme, if you are interested. :)

You can go to and take a look.


the baker said...

sha: i'm sure you'll like it! you can't go wrong with cheese. haha :)

D: couldn't agree more! Yes yes, that's sliced cheese. Can't remember what brand though!

cruel-intentions: glad you liked it :) yes, i'll post up more stuff soon. am thinking of doing a pasta dish! a healthy one. haha.. we'll see how it goes...

lara: hey! ohhh is it those grilled sandwich makers? and then when they're done, they have those cool brown toasted marks? wait those are panini machines?

ah yes, aussie cheese is nice and there's so many! cheddar's yum... oh my uncle just passed us some cheddar and feta cheese from Brisbane... can't wait to use them... wah... i love molten hot cheese!!! and the way you described it makes me wanna eat one RIGHT NOW :p

DK: yep, those sliced individually wrapped ones. you can try using other kinds too actually.

Genn: heya genn.. ya i love oozing cheese... so yummy. k i'll try to do the meme soon! thanks for tagging...

Anonymous said...

hey Baker,

long time no visit.. WMF non stick pans.. good choice of brand. I use WMF knives. They are great set of knives.

But for pans, you should try Scanpan. I love them! It's not the normal teflon coated non stick pans. Scanpan's made from Ceramic Titanium the material they use to coat the space shuttle! (sounds hi tech eh..)

That's why it is so tough, and you can use metal utensils to cook. I have even cooked chilli crabs in them after a dare from my mum to test my beloved non stick wok. It survived, no probs. hehe...

Sha said...

I do like it! In fact I've been having them a lot for breakfast lately. Oops. Oh hey, my cheese doesn't melt though. I use the normal sliced, individually wrapped cheese. It hardens instead of melt! What could I be doing wrong?

joey said...

I alwaes cook this too! Cos i like melted cheese. Its like how the malay stalls make their cheese prata. Sometimes just eat that for lunch, just the cheese omelette with rice. Will try it with bread for breakfast.

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