Monday, May 23, 2005

who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Cookie Book

Won't you look at that! I'm the proud new owner of this fantastic looking recipe book! and guess what? it's alll about cookies. hahaaa... i'm sooo happy! my friend gave it to me today and I was practically drooling at the sight of the beautiful yummy pictures inside. and they have recipes for all kinds of cookies!

i've always wanted a cookie recipe book but never got down to actually getting one... cos i thought since the internet has so many recipes, what for waste money ya? But man, i'm so going to use this book alot in the future. There are so many recipes in there that i want to try!

But first, gotta get my mixer! Hopefully soon enough... shall check my bank account first. haha... Thanks colin for recommending the Bosch one! it sure seems durable and reliable... will definitely check it out. After all, KitchenAid is so out of the question for me right now. Wait till i save up enough ya.

Today was a rather lazy day. It was a holiday and i spent most of my afternoon and evening just chilling out with a friend in town. oh.... yes... we went to The V Tea Room. The one i mentioned yesterday. Will post pictures up very soon.

Allrighty, let's hope I don't dream of cookies tonight! well maybe it aint' too bad.. afterall, i guess eating cookies in your dreams won't lead to weight gain? hahaa....


Fat Fingers said...

hahaha you need to get a mixer too? check out my lastest post about me wanting to get a mixer! hahaha

Fat Fingers said...

oh yah, tangs is selling the Philips mixer at $69. looks good too me.
If you're on a budget, there is one by Toyomi ( that is selling at only $39.90 at NTUC. So cheap! I think it's quite reliable too. My oven is a Toyomi. My lucky draw prize hohoho

the baker said...


haha thanks for the tips! i actually bought the mixer yesterday. well not the whole contraption, but just the standalone mixer... didn't get the bowl and mixer stand. i figured since i was on a tight budget, i'd just get the mixer and use the bowl i still have from my old mixer. i bought the phillips one at John Little for $35.90. it's quite good actually. it even has this turbo button thing.. and 5 speeds. not too bad..

i guess i'll get a better one when i have enough cash! =) so which one are you getting?

Chin Ru said...

you have a great site! you are clearly a very enthusiastic and passionate chef in the making! i have to tell you about the wonders of a fantastic mixer. If you are a serious baker,my advise is save up like MAD for that great mixer. I was always a skeptic about expensive kitchen tools, and thought that maybe a Kitchenaid was every professional chef's unjustified fetish, but having owned a Philips mixer (my first ever mixer - which broke down from overheating after 2 months) and then another one (i can't remember what brand - which was fine, but never could whisk egg whites to 'stiff peaks) - i now have a kitchenaid that has lived up to every possible dream and expectations of a great mixer! it is AMAZING. it makes everything so easy - stiff peaks in what seems like seconds! check out my blog where i rant and rave about it!

so do save up for it - it is So SOoo worth it.

the baker said...

hi chin ru,

haha yes, i know ALL about the wonders and magnificence of a Kitchen Aid mixer. My aunt has one and it works like a dream. She knows how envious I am of her mixer i tell you... my eyes light up whenever she uses it and i just simply carry on dreaming about the day i get one of my own. it IS definitely very expensive but very worth it nonetheless... it's a definite must have. wait till i have enough moo-lah. hahaa... then i can make all the meringue i want. yes, other mixers i've tried failed to give me those lovely stiff peaks i've always tried to achieve. sad huh. it's okay. i await the day when i own a Kitchen Aid of my own....! =)

P.S. thanks for dropping by. your blog looks great too! you're from vietnam, no? i love vietnamese food. i think it's very healthy and delicious. those spring rolls and beef noodles! slurp...

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