Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sugar, spice and everything nice

Brewerkz Ribs

I got to admit, having sore gums is as bad as it can get. Don't believe me? Try looking at pictures of food at a time when you know you can't have them even if you wanted to or heck, even if someone buys them for you.

Being a person who lives to eat, might I say, the past few days have been rather torturous for me. It doesn't help seeing others eat delicious food that you know you can't have. But hey, why am I complaining so much? I should treat this as a detox period aye? After all, I've been eating only weetbix with milk, yoghurt, tofu, porridge, cottage cheese & blended fruits for the past two days.

I'm starting to get whiny. I do need my meat, I do need my sugar fix. It's kind of pathetic that all I can do is to stare at pictures and imagine the taste. So there's your explanation as to why there are these two gorgeous looking wonders in this post today.

Strawberry Shortcake

This is the best Strawberry Shortcake I've ever tasted. It's from Bakerzin. Yea, the place that is known more for their desserts rather than the food. It's my number one place for desserts. I've tried almost all of their cakes/pastries. And trust me, they are to die for. Please don't forget to try their warm chocolate cake while you're at it. Why? Because there's a molten chocolate centre that's why. After one taste, you'll be thanking me.... I do think I'll have to make another trip down to Bakerzin soon to spoil myself silly. Maybe after my gums have healed. Ooooo I'm gonna dream about those cakes tonight! Don't worry, I'll definitely post up pictures when I do drop by.

I won't call myself a carnivore but I do love a good rack of ribs. Funny thing was, I always preferred a huge chunk of meat right smack on my plate sans the bones. But of late, I've found myself going crazy over ribs. So much so that I've been on a hunt for the best ribs in town. The ribs you see right at the top of this post is from Brewerkz. Yes that microbrewery down boat quay... at Riverwalk. I'm not much of a beer fan but I recommend their ribs. One of the best ribs I've tasted. The meat is succulent and tasty and it's a dream to eat. That's because the flesh doesn't stick on the bones. It falls right off the ribs as easy as can be. And they serve amazing mash potatoes with it. Yes, that's what those two white blobs are. If I'm not wrong, you can choose fries/wedges instead.

Another good place to have your ribs is Billy Bombers. I've only been to the one at The Heeren down at Orchard Road. Don't have a picture of it. But I do intend to go down there again for some chomping and will take pictures when I do. In any case, their ribs are also a must try. Okay i've talked about where the good ribs are so now I would have to give my 2 cents worth on where not to go for your ribs.

Country Manna. Don't go there if you don't want to be disappointed. I made the mistake of going there for some ribs when I had a craving for one. I should have seen it coming. The place was rather empty. Anyway there wasn't much meat on the ribs and it wasn't as tender as I would have liked it. I was not happy at all. Seeing that the price didn't fit the standard. But I have to give them credit for the ambience:

Country Manna

They just have to work on their ribs. I do hope that the ribs isn't the only lack-lustre item they have on their menu. Until I've tried their other items, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I know Tony Roma's and Kenny Rogers both sell ribs too. But I've never tried Kenny Roger's ones. Tony Roma's I've tried but that was ages ago when my dad worked there. Yea, he would bring home ribs and macaroni & cheese sometimes and boy were they delicious! I hope they still are. I've got some vouchers and maybe I shall drop by one of these days. Heard they have this pretty innovative onion basket thing...

Kenny Roger's may sell ribs but I believe they're more famous for their roasted chicken and I'm a huge fan, as you can tell:

Kenny Rogers

This set costs only $10.90 and it's a real bargain I think. A quarter chicken with 2 side dishes and their signature corn muffins. As always, you can see the macaroni cheese there. I'm a sucker for that delicious gooey treat. Well I do love cheese you see. I do think that Kenny Roger's has a good thing going. They're stilll doing pretty well. I'm glad. I hope they'll keep it up. This one was eaten at their new outlet at Marina Cove down at East Coast Park. That was after a good run on a sunday evening. Now you know why it was so satisfying. =)

Okay, I think I'm feeling rather full now, after looking at all those pictures. =p I think I'll stop here and go on day dreaming about more ribs and mmmm cakes.


Vera said...

wah lau.. everytime i read your blog, i get hungry! I love strawberry shortcake! :P~~~

Anonymous said...

You should try the cakes from "The Patissier" -

IMHO their cakes are way much better than Bakerzin. Truly divine. : )

sari said...

The mashed potato is making me hungry! Babe, I made italian herbs bread, pics are up now!

Do take a look yeah.. turned out better than I expected. My first trial~ heehee Ive searched for many pizza dough recipes but they sound like as if Im baking another bread~!! Gonna bake a pizza now and see if its any good, will get back to you! hehehe

the baker said...

Hi fatfingers,

man if strawberry shortcake is your fav then you HAVE got to try the one at Bakerzin. the strawberries and cream are fresh and the cake,light. I'm so sure you'll love it =)

Hey anon.,

Yea i've heard of the patissier. but haven't had a chance to try them out. but i'll make sure I do, soon! man my mouth is watering at those pictures on their website.

Hey michelle,

Yes yes I've checked out your site and boy I have to admit your italian bread looks fab!!! reminds me of foccacia. I love italian bread/herbs. Their cuisine rocks! so does their olive oil. =p good luck with the pizza dear!

sylvie1950 said...

This looks great. I will have to try it.

Anonymous said...

this is my 1st time at ur web n i like it alot, not much of gourmet( expensive..) n ur food reviews is makin me drool.
If ur lookin for creamy rich cakes den The Pattisier is just for u, =D

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