Saturday, May 14, 2005

Brownies and Pretzels


pieces of brownie

My best brownies. Don't they look fantastic? Made them using Hershey's cocoa, and I got to admit, it sure tastes rich and chocolatey. Sometimes when I feel like having a super chocolatey brownie, I add semi-sweet chocolate in addition to the cocoa and coat the brownies with chocolate frosting too. But for today, I decided to stick with traditional fresh brownies.

I think I'm really getting addicted to baking. Everyday I'm scouring the internet and books for recipes I can try and somehow I'm always in the mood for baking. Take today for example. I got home about midnight and instinctively whipped out my flour, cocoa, butter, sugar etc and started baking. Damn, am I infected with some baker virus? hahaa.... okay i'll stop being ridiculous.

I baked some soft pretzels too. Got the recipe from a food blog I was browsing. It's safer to use "tried and tested" recipes I say. Lessens the chance of it being a bad recipe! duh. Anyway this was how my pretzels looked before they went into the oven:

Pretzels before baking

and this was after they came out, 20 minutes later...
Pretzels after baking

soft pretzel

These pretzels are best eaten warm, fresh out of the oven. But you can reheat it the next day if you want. Best eaten with butter, jam or cinnamon sugar. Delicious. This is what i'm talking about. That sense of satisfaction. Though I was tired, I felt happy at the results.

torn pretzel
i tore the pretzel to show you guys the texture. Mmmm....

Baking is rather therapeutic I tell ya. I feel so much better after baking. My brownies and pretzels turned out exceptionally well. And this was my first time making pretzels... I'm so proud of myself!!! =)

Don't mind my excitement. I love trying out new things. I have alot more things I plan to bake. hehee I saw this peanut butter cookie recipe recently and it sounds yummy and funky! might try that out.

I'm so glad the weekend is here!!! Am intending to go to East Coast Park with me sis later on.... We'll be having a picnic by the beach too!!! and yes, i'll be bringing along my delicious brownies and pretzels... haha... you guys wanna try them? then come on down to East Coast Park.... who knows, you might just bump into me. heh. I'm gonna be going kayaking. I can't wait.

Bet my euphoria is getting to you ya? Then what are you waiting for! go bake. it does wonders.... okay, i think that's enough baking for this week. Until next week....


Fat Fingers said...

hahaha i am also searching for recipes off the net! hahaha!!

everything you baked looks so good! i'm going to try the brownies & pretzels soon! hahaha and also the flourless and butterless choco cookie!

thanks for sharing!

the baker said...

=) Try food network... their recipes are very credible. taken off those cooking show you see on telly! that's my regular source... haha but these days i rely alot on food blogs too.... cos you know the recipes do work because someone else has tried it!

btw, your david eyre pancake looks fab! heheeee now i feel like eating some agaiN!...

Nic said...

Ah ha! I always knew the baking addicition was contagious. Glad you enjoyed the pretzels.

Lori said...

This is my first time to visit your blog. It's incredible, and it also feeds on my obsession with baking. A kindred spirit! Those pretzels are a fantastic result for your first try. I should try those sometime.

the baker said...

hey lori!

thanks for dropping by. =)
yea those pretzels are really easy to make. and they're great to eat as well... with butter, cinnmon sugar or even nutella! YUM

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