Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cinn Cinn Buns & Nutty Nutz Cookiez

Cinn Buns

Doesn't that look delicious? I don't know about you... but hahaa i love the frosting and the raisins! I do like cinnamon buns alot. Well cinnamon is one of my favourite spices. So when the opportunity came for me to bake these lovely bunch of goodness, I just had to succumb to my addiction yet again. Yes baking. again.

I baked these cinnamon buns for church today. Some youths were raising funds to attend the Hillsongs Conference in Sydney. Yep, so I chipped in and baked these buns to sell. They were sold at $1 each. and guess what? They sold out!!! That's a good thing of course! Not only was it for a good cause... other people could enjoy these lovely buns... i love spreading the love around. Hey, I spent effort and lots of love went into making these buns ya know.

I do have to thank Nic from Baking Sheet of course. She has the most enticing collection of recipes! I always feel inclined to try them out when I visit her blog. Man oh man, and this recipe for cinnamon buns is easy to follow and well, the results speak for themselves. It was my first time making cinnamon buns and I must say, I like the outcome, alot. Well maybe I had some trouble with the rolling at first.. Didn't roll the dough tight enough. But I soon caught on.

Oh one thing though, don't ever ever over work the mixer when using the dough hook to mix the dough together. I made the mistake of doing that and I spoiled my mixer. I was devastated! How am i going to bake again? I can't possibly use my hands all the time... I would die. Well I think i should source for a new one soon. But can't possibly get my dream KitchenAid mixer just yet. I'm just a poor student-to-be! I can't afford one right now.

*Sigh* Can anyone recommend a fairly good mixer to me? Like what brand or model? The one that spoiled was pretty old i guess.. Kenwood... so maybe it was time the mixer broke down. heh.

Anyway, back to my cinnamon buns! i'm definitley going to try this recipe again. And yes Nic was right, it's prefect for sunday brunch!

Cinnamon Bun

Look at the glaze.... love how it flows. I so want to sink my teeth into it. I'm sure the next time I make it, it'll be much better. I know these buns don't really look uniformed enough. Hmm but hey practice makes perfect! =)

and now...

time to unveil the Fantastico Peanut Butter Cookie!!!

Peanut Butter Cookies

Man oh man, i'm glad Nic posted this Peanut Butter Cookie recipe on her blog. I couldn't be happier. I got so addicted to these that i couldn't stop at one. It's sinful (what with the high butter content) but so what! It certainly didn't stop me from enjoying every bit of it.

I used chunky peanut butter and loved the result. Okay, what you get is something very aromatic... well you can smell the peanut butter. It has a very buttery flavour and depending on how much butter or flour you put, it can be crunchy and light or dense and chewy. I made two batches differently and both tasted good.

I'll have to make these cookies again. They're just too good to be true. Delicious and yummy.... goes well with milk... and man... it's so easy to make! please try it if you can. esp if you love peanut butter as much as i do!


sari said...

OH GAWD! The buns just looooooook tooooo goooooood! If its easy, I wanna try out too! I think I have some of the ingredients~ hehehehe I wouldnt mind paying 2 bucks for one bun! Yum!

Nic said...

I'm so glad you liked everything. Those are two of my favorites, and the cinnamon buns are mighty addictive. But, really, they're all my favorites!
It looks like you rolled them out prefectly to me, too.

Colin said...

Hey, those cinnamon buns look very yummy! Not a big fan of cinnamon myself, but they look very irresistible.

As for a good mixer, I'd recommend Bosch. I've tried the MUM4400, which is really fantastic, but I think they currently only stock the MUM4405. Pretty much the same, except mine doesn't have the blue cover.

You can find it here. It's much cheaper than KitchenAid, too!

the baker said...

hey michelle,

yes please do try it! it's really simple. once you get the dough going... all you have to do is sprinkle the cinnamon, sugar and raisins, roll it and slice it and but it in the oven.. and viola... yummy cinn buns for ya. i love cinnamon.... =)

Heya nic,

yes, i am a huge fan of your blog as you would have figured out by now. your recipes are clear and concise and also very tantalising... and they happen to be my fav eats. so i just had to try them out! haha you are going to be one of my constant recipe source =) i would have to agree with you on cinnamon buns being addictive. and esp since i love cinnamon! one of my fav spices. cinnamon sugar on toast is abs. fab. i'm thinking of trying out your fluffernutter on bread thing!

hey colin,

thanks for the recommendation! i checked the site out and ya it sure sounds good. will def. go down to check it out for myself. but how much do they sell it in singapore?

Colin said...

I'm not sure how much it costs in Singapore...ours is actually on loan from someone haha.

Hope it's within your price range, and look forward to seeing some very appetising cookies!

Nic said...

Oh yeah, the banana bread fluffernutter is really good. Really gooey, but really good.

Fat Fingers said...

wah cinn cinn buns looks so good!! drooling already!!!!

aquariusgal said...

The recipe in Nic's blog states 2 packets of active dry yeast for the cinnamon bun dough. Whts tht in gms, please?

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