Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Famous Ms. Baker?

Fame. Everyone hungers for it. Hmm okay maybe not everyone but most people. They dream of attaining celebrity status in hope of being recognised. But the thing is, so what? Really... what does fame get you? Okay maybe free stuff from your admirers or sponsors but hey ultimately, there's going to be some time in your life where your fame would wear off and you disappear into nothingness or maybe just normality. Then the question is, do i want to be famous? Sure i do, but for the right reason. I want to be 'famous' like Mother Teresa or say Pope John Paul II or even Shakespeare.

Most of you will baulk at the thought but i choose to be ambitious. I've always been the person with big dreams. I may be a dreamer but I choose to think that i'm an achiever as well. I know i want to write and I know I would want to open a bakery someday in the UK. I do have a long list of 'dreams' or so to speak and what i do know is that nothing is really ever impossible. Cliched i know but it's true.

Digressing a little... and speaking about fame. Okay maybe 1 min of fame; eh no, maybe 3 seconds? =)
I recently found out that this food blog of mine was featured on Tomorrow. Some one chanced upon this site and decided to post it up. I modestly thank the person (Cowboy Caleb) for that. Sure it's not like an accolade or something but hey at least i know there are people who read this. Anyway it's not as if i'm famous or anything. Dare i even want that? An open question with no specific answer. Oh and one more thing, he also posted this comment on the site:

"It should be illegal to visit this blog on an empty stomach. Checkout the stuff she churns out from her oven. Is she single? I hope so, you'll never stray with a baker for a wife. Haha."

Awww....thanks for the compliment on my food. I do hope to continue tantalising my audiences' tastebuds and yes that's a promise. As to whether I'm single, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Like I put it to my girlfriends when I'm feeling chocolate-deprived, "I'll marry whoever that can provide me with a lifetime supply of GODIVA".

Am I demanding too much? I don't think so. Seeing the standard of available men right here, I just sigh. Or maybe I haven't been meeting the right people. Haha. okay I shall stop discussing about my love life or shall I say, the lack of it? Besides, I'm happy baking in the kitchen and making people happy with whatever I bake and cook. I look forward to my next culinary adventure - to bake/cook something i've never tried baking/cooking before.

Allrighty, so the bottomline is Ms. Baker is not yet Famous. But maybe she will be someday. As famous as Famous Amos perhaps? hey that's possible. I bake fantastic chocolate chip cookies and might i say they're as good as Famous Amos. Go ask my friends. They can vouch for me. Well to prove my worth, I will bake my chocolate chip cookies soon and post up the pictures. Well if you can't taste it then, perhaps the pictures will convince you? we'll see.. until then...

PS. I'm looking to change the design of this blog... to pretty it up, but I'm quite nuts about html. anyone has the skills and wouldn't mind assisting Ms. Baker? She'll bake you a mean batch of cookies or whatever sweet treats you want? Leave me a comment.... thanks!


sari said...

Hello dropped by from fat fingers... My gawd, you sure can cook very well!!! I can do decent home cooked meals~ will drop by again for sure!

the baker said...

hey there... great site you have here too. Seems like you like all things indian huh? Same here actually. Haha i am a total sucker for Indian food especially! So it was heaven when i waitressed at this indian restaurant some time back... Imagjne free naans, papadums, masala coffee, tandoori chicken, curries etc everyday. yummmy... the spicier the better. anyway you're studying in perth? where at?
you seem to cook well too - your sleepy brownies look good. you should try cheesecake brownie.. i'm gonna learn how to make that soon... =)

PS. tried leaving this comment on your blog but to no avail so i'm putting it here.


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