Saturday, May 14, 2005

Almond Biscotti

Almond Biscotti

Okay okay, I know I said I would be resting after baking those beautiful brownies and pretzels. BUT...

I changed my mind.

Hey, it's not my fault it rained this morning and I couldn't go to the beach as intended.

The weather was so gray and dreary that I just had to do something!

And so, I baked...

yet again,

and this time, I made something very simple. Something Italian and something that goes well with a cup of espresso or milk.

Almond Biscotti it was.

Rows of almond biscotti

There were many reasons why I ended up making that:
1. I've always wondered how biscottis were made.
2. I had left over almonds from my pistachio cake
3. This one didn't need butter
4. I love biscotti!
5. I was too bored being stuck indoors... and the list goes on.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, the recipe is rather simple. But I actually adapted it from a recipe for Pistachio cherry biscotti. I had no cherries so I just stuck with almonds, and besides, I had a bottle of almond essence. So here's my version of the recipe:

Cheryl's Almond Biscotti

3 cups plain flour
1 cup fine sugar, or less
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon almond essence
1 egg (to glaze)

1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celcius.
2. Get a large bowl and mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together.
3. Add eggs one at a time until it forms a stiff dough.
4. Add your almonds (whole)
5. Divide dough into two portions, shape each portion into a long rectangular loaf about 8cm wide and 25 cm long. Brush with eggwash.
5. Place on a buttered and floured tray and bake in centre of oven for 30 minutes
6. Cool loaves on rack, and cut into 1cm thick slices.
7. Return cut slices to oven to dry out for 20 minutes or until the biscotti turns golden brown and crisp.


sari said...

Hey babe! wow, yum! My aunt actually passed me a recipe for that, but mine is very thin.. yum when u use a shard of it as ice-cream topping. Good job! Id bake mine soon~ =D

missduhr said...

my gawd that looks so good. def gonna try it this weekend. almond biscotti and coffee... bliss!

Lexandria said...

is that the 'biscotti' that TCC uses in their desserts?

btw ms baker, is an oven toaster good enough for baking? LOL *cooking idiot*

the baker said...

hi lexandria,

i've never eaten at TCC so i don't know if it's the same type.

But biscotti are normally served with espresso... or rather, best eaten with that.

it's an italian biscuit that tends to be quite crunchy. some are very hard.. and some, softer.. depends how long you put it in the oven.

haha... an oven toaster would be fine if it has the temperature that the recipe asks for. but of course, you'll get better results using a proper oven =) but hey, you can try!

Lori said...

omigod! I'm currently in the throes of a biscotti binge and your pictures are just *too* good to look at. How did you get your biscotti that smooth and picture perfect? :) Good job! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


the baker said...

hey lori,

i think the trick to getting your biscotti smooth is the consistency of your dough. i know there are some biscotti that tend to be more 'rough' and have more 'holes'. i guess i added more flour. cos the dough was getting too sticky. but really, biscotti is so easy to make. and i love having it with milk or coffee! yum. do try it out ya? and tell me how it goes! =)

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