Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The V Tea Room


That's one heck of a brownie. Just look at the way the chocolate syrup is dribbling down the vanilla ice-cream and down the sides of the cake. It's aesthetically pleasing. This brownie resides at The V Tea Room, a beautiful tea place i discovered recently. It opened about 8 months ago and it's doing very well. Usually quite packed on weekends.


They call themselves "The World's Liqueur Teacake Boutique". It definitely does look like a boutique. One with plenty of Venetian influences. They serve various types of liqueur cakes.. from Rum and Raisin, to Bailey's Irish Cream and even Barrel Whisky Mud Cake. They even have Grand Marnier and Kahlua ones. And guess what, yes of course they do serve tea and coffee. But you can request for a shot of liqueur to be added to your tea also. Now that's what i call true style.

I didn't manage to try anything at this place because I had a late lunch. But my friend who did, said that brownie (which you saw up there) was fantastic. I know i'll have to go back there to try it. But what I am eyeing more, is the Bailey's Irish Cream and the Barrel Whisky Mud Cake. After all, Bailey's my fav liqueur and yes I am a chocolate fanatic. Prices tend to be a bit pricey ($15 per slice for the liquer cakes) but I guess that's because of the amount of liqueur they put in? I'll have to try for myself before i comment on them.


But anyhow, just chilling out at the place is good enough. Look at how quaint it is. The decor is meticulously detailed and even the wall paper and the chairs are brought in from Europe. They did put in plenty of effort. Good job. Sorry I couldn't comment much about how the food tasted. But from the looks of it (while i was there, it was so packed that people had to be turned away), it's definitely a must-visit. I promise to try out the food soon and post about it again. Mean time, you can visit their website to get a better feel of their offerings...


The V Tea Room
Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Ave
Tel: 6333-1965


Colin said...

Ouch! Very pricey...

Do they have scones?

the baker said...

yes very pricey indeed. my eyes simply widened as i browsed through the menu. i didn't see scones when i was there. more of a cake kind of tea room. but oh you should see the menu... leatherbound and embossed. i got picture of it, post it up later...

u can actually go to their website to check their menu actually...

sari said...

I love the decor of the place.. but definitely not the place to chill out. Too pricey indeed... much better for dates~ hehehee.. or when yr all dressed up and wanna go to somewher enice for a change.. =)

the baker said...

ya, couldn't agree more. it's a good place if guys wanna impress their dates. but of course, their pockets or rather, wallets would be much lighter, after. haha. it's really indulgence. but seriously, check out the website and look at the barrel whisky mud cake. it so makes me wanna try it at least once. made out of dark choc!

*i think it's pricey also cos of the location - at esplanade! but it's a good place cos lots of crowds (theatregoers and tourists)

sari said...

I think id get fatter soon lar~ aiyoh hahaha yr blog makes me hungry all da time now!!

the baker said...

hahaa... what's life without food! =) i love taking pictures of almost everything i eat... so, haha be prepared for more tantalising photos... nah you won't get fat if you exercise! eat hard, exercise even harder. hahaaa =p

Anonymous said...

Hi The Baker! nice website:)happened to hop on thru some links here and there..and i think the V tea room weblink isnt working though.. oh do they have real food as well? cos my bf doesn;t eat cakes... stupid guy... ahah but excellent macro shots of the foodies! keep it up and cheers


the baker said...

hi summergal,

hmmm the website is http://www.thevtearoom.com/

they said they do serve normal food. but i didn't see it in the menu. maybe you can check out the website or give them a ring?

ya i love taking pictures... esp of food.. so that explains the influx of pictures on this food blog of mine =)

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