Friday, June 30, 2006

Mad about Cow

Geylang Beef Kway Teow

You know something? I don't really like red meat much. Or at least, it's not my preferred choice of meat. Put a plate of chicken and beef in front of me (cooked of course, haha) and I'd go with chicken anytime.

I actually prefer eating products made from the cows when they're alive. Yes, things like milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.

You know how useful those ingredients are when baking? Chefs also use it all the time when they cook - therefore I try to appreciate them cows as much as I can. At the risk of sounding evil, I have to admit that my preferences have been tweaked a little. Somehow, my beef consumption has increased. I blame it on all the good noodle dishes that uses beef.

Take for example the famous 237 Geylang Lorong 9 Beef Kway Teow. JF has tried it before and so have my other friends. They've all raved about it but I was never convinced until I tasted it myself for the first time a few days ago. At $5 a plate, it might seem quite steep, but once I bit into the tender beef, I knew then, that it was very much justified. This beef kway teow kinda stands out from the rest. The gravy is thick and tends to be a little on the salty side but it was good. The hor fun (flat rice noodles) was cooked to perfection I think. Even JF agreed. Haha, he actually preferred the noodles to the beef! Funny guy!

By the time I was done with my plate of beef kway teow, I was so full I decided to walk to church for my Catechist meeting that evening. Haha, yea, I kinda walked from Geylang to Kembangan. That's like 3 MRT stops! Madness eh? But it was okay because JF was there with me. It helped that it was kinda breezy. By the time I reached church, I was so tired! But I was happy because I had such a delicious dinner.

Allow me to side-track a little. If you like beef and you like Vietnamese cuisine, and oh if you happen to be an NUS student or living around the area, please do check out the Vietnamese stall at The Terrace (business canteen in NUS). It's awesome! I love their spicy beef stew and the normal pho bo (hope I spelt it right!). Amazing stuff, and cheap too! Great for poor students like me... haha :p


Anonymous said...

Babe, u go to OLPS too ah? hehehe I dont like steak, but I sure love tender beef horfun! Yum!

the baker said...

yoz! yes, it's my parish leh. haha you go there too? i've been there all my life. 10 years of cat class there! and i've started teaching cat class since a year ago. hahaa... the kids I teach are 12 going on 13... noisy but adorable!

yes, i also not a steak person. you tried this geylang beef horfun? really nice, the beef. oh hey you're not back in SG yet are you? When will you be coming back? Must go makan with me k.. when you're back. hahaa

jadepearl said...

237 Geylang Lorong 9 Beef Kway Teow is the best!!! Shoik!

Anonymous said...

i think hong kong st beef kway teow also not bad. actually, the secret is they put bicarbonate soda in the beef to soften it right ?

Vera said...

I love beef!! But i don't like my vietnamese ex boss! hahaha But i can deal with vietnamese cuisine hehe.

Hey i think you should compile a list of the food that you think is great, with address and a rating! (Also it is easier for me to refer to when I go try them when I'm back! hee hee!!)

Edith said...

If your hunger strikes again for beef kway teow. The zi char stall opp Thomson Medical Centre is also good for their bean sauce beef hor fun. *wink*

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