Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Asian Breakfasts

white carrot cake
fried carrot cake! there's no carrot though, it's actually made with white radish

Having mentioned time and again, how important the meal you first consume after 'hibernating' for 6 to 8 hours is, I cannot, for the life of me, stress its benefits! Seriously, breakfast means to break fast. Therefore, when you break a 'fast', you have to eat don't you?

Somehow, alot of my friends tell me that they find it hard to swallow anything in the morning simply because they have no appetite. What does that mean then? That they don't feel like eating? Or that their stomaches are fine being empty? I used to think that it's the individual's mentality.

Until I realised something...

Maybe it's not the appetite! Maybe it's the breakfast options that put them off? I know breakfast is usually prepared pretty fast, especially for those who are rushing to go to school or to the office. It's usually a sandwich or milk & cereal.

But you know what? I think that though it's fine that way, I do suppose it won't hurt to have a bit of a variation.

Or at least, I see that in Asia, alot of people eat really heavy stuff. When I say heavy, I do mean starchy, floury based meals such as dumplings, noodles, rice, etc.

I used to be really bewildered when I try to think of reasons why our staples almost always tend to be on rice and noodles. Then I realised that rice & noodles is to Asians, what bread, scones and bagels & pasta is to Americans & Europeans. Trust me, I am a huge bread lover and always chided myself for not wanting to eat the Asian-styled breakfasts most of the time.

Things have change, as with time. And I find myself craving for Asian dishes in the morning now! My mum goes to the market on most mornings and I would usually ask her to kindly get some breakfast food for me. It really is refreshing I have to admit; breaking away from just eating sandwiches and cereal for breakfast.

Some of my current favourites include fried carrot cake, as shown above, nonya dumplings such as this:

nonya dumplings

and Laksa:


Yes, these photos were all taken on the same day. But don't worry, I didn't eat all of these myself. Shared with my family. For the uninitiated, nonya dumplings are made using glutinous rice (thus the sticky texture) and stuffed with sweet meat (usually pork). It's my favourite dumplings! Am a sucker for it - i love the ones sold at Katong :)

Laksa is another of my much preferred breakfast when I feel like something spicy and noodl-y. Haha. I love the gravy and I tell you, kudos to the person who discovered the wonders of the laksa leaf. My dad makes great laksa I have to say. But then again, my dad is a fantastic cook so whatever he makes is always delicious :) Yes dad, you da man!

Again, I insist that Katong laksa is the best. However, I'm quite sick of the many 'Katong Laksa' outlets sprouting everywhere - each claim to be the original. Argh. Sometimes, when I see that happening at a certain area, I just change my mind and find some place that sells Penang laksa. Penang laksa is more sourish & rocks my socks! I love the one served at York Hotel during their annual and famous Penang buffet where they bring in actual Penang hawkers to hawk their fares on our local shores.

Therefore, before I go, allow me to reiterate my stand:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - make it work!

Work it baby, work it like it should...

till it's like Y-U-M*

*(Your Ultimate Main-dish) :P


Anonymous said...

i had always love carrot cake..and the malay version, lontong goreng.. both taste about the same..nice! :)

:: Pastry Girl :: said...

yummy..sounds good..but take note of the high amt of fat! haha.. its alright lah to have such a 'sinful' breakfast once in a while..and i agree with u totally! Must have is the main meal of the day. So loads up on those wholegrains. ^^

Anonymous said...

I love carrot cake and nonya chang!! In fact im wiating to go back and buy some from the market! I love the market food.. its sooo cheap and good! Best!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I'm always anticipating my breakfast time to come... But I go for bread rather than the typical Asian breakfast. And of coz, a cup of coffee!

the baker said...

Nani: ya, i actually like my carrot cake with black sauce and lots of chilli! Ooooo Lontong! Sedap la! You tried the ones in M'sia? I was in Klang months ago and had an amazing lontong for breakfast. The sambal was sooooo good! eh is lontong goreng something different? pardon my ignorance! do enlighten me. haha...

Linda: oh yes, the thing about our local food is, most of it is loaded with oil! check out the laksa picture! but yea, eat everything in moderation i guess. Oooo, I love wholegrains too - in fact, we only eat wholemeal bread. Mum doesn't buy white bread anymore. And I dig toasted wheatgerm, oh and weetbix! used to have it when i first had my braces.

michie: *nods* ya! food here is simply so cheap and good that it seems too good to be true... :)

michelle: me too! i love a cup of coffee in the morning - it wakes me up. these days, i make mocha (milo powder with coffee)... Mmmmm....

Ally said...

i dn't understand it when people eat so much either!
however if i were at a buffet breakfast spread, it's whole different story. i'd just simply gorge myself till i'm blue in the face!

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