Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Baker's in the Papers?

the baker who cooks

And so, I appeared in the newspapers yesterday.

Was I pleased? Haha, more like very amused and shocked at the size of my photo!

Those of you who read the article would very well know what I mean. And for posterity, I posed with 'myself'. Yes, it seems rather shameless! But allow me to continue to amuse others just for laughs, if not, for fun:

the baker's in the papers

Hahahaa.... I think my brownies was the main attraction though. I baked them especially for the shoot. And it certain was heavy balancing my laptop (with that plate of brownies) on my right palm. Coincidentally, the photographer was my former coursemate back in my mass comm days at NP so it wasn't that much of a hassle or rather, it just made things easier. Funny how Singapore's so small ya?

So anyway, I've been receiving text messages from friends who saw me in the papers and it's been interesting. Even my former lecturer texted me to say he saw me. So now you know that the whole of Singapore actually reads the papers. Ha!

But of course, this isn't that much big a deal. Given a choice, I'd rather, in this lifetime, be in the papers because of something good or inspirational that I did, amongst all else. Perhaps, through my love for writing, baking and cooking, I can touch the hearts of others and maybe inspire more people in more ways than one.

You can say that I have big dreams. But mine are not worldly - I seek not for fame and fortune, but just for the ability to change the world in whatever small way I can, to put smiles on the faces of others, to spread the love that I have. It's amazing how a small little foodblog that I started about a year ago can do so much. Through this wee site, I have made friends from around the world, locally, and got so many valuable experiences. And now, I'm in the newspapers. Who knows what's next?

Only God knows.


Anonymous said...

Wow congratulations. :) I have been reading your blog for about 6 months now. It's such a cool place to read about your food encounters! If I had the time I would love to do the same thing. :) I only have time for one blog and that's a web design one!

Yum yum!


Anonymous said...

erm..actuali i know your blogs thru xiaodoudou blogs. The girl has passsed away from cancer last month. she loves to read your blogs to get good and simple recipes so why not i tried to get some too. Currently, i am staying in bangkok and always craving for local food. anyway, congrats!

@pril said...

hi there! started reading your blog few months back! not exactly a brownie fan, but i'm inspired - so i'm going to try brownies the next time i bake. with your recommended hershey's recipe of course. :) have fun, gal!


the baker said...

Laura: thanks for dropping by! it's always a pleasure when I get comments from my readers. I love how on the net, there are no barriers to making friends from all over. Oh, are you a web designer? Where are you from by the way if you don't mind me asking? Just curious :)

Rene: hey girl! yes I heard about her passing. she was an inspiration to me. i only wished i had a chance to meet her before she left. but nonetheless, her blog remains as a legacy to her will to live life to the fullest even as her final days were numbered. thanks for your well wishes and take care!

April: i'm glad you were inspired :) do feel free to email me anytime if you want more recipes or just to know more about brownies! haha..

babsie said...

Hi..Congrats! Honestly, I'm surprised you're not that shy to show off some skin...he he he but what more surprising to see the great person behind this great blog to be THIN! How did you manage to stay that inspite of all the good food you've cooked? Anyway, congrats and you inspire a lot of people.


Edith said...

Been a faithful reader at your blog. So proud of you to get to "showcase" your achievement. Great job and keep it up.

Kell Ch@n said...

Femes leh!

Know you can start asking Clarity Cafe for endoresment fee... hehehe...

Anyway, check your gmail, I sent you something.

Anonymous said...

Hi i just happened to read about u on the newspaper on straitstime the other day. Heh it's really inspiring to have bloggers who wrote about food and recommand on the places to have good food.

sonikbyte said...

erm the anon above is me. lol blogspot screwup again

Anonymous said...

hi cheryl

i've been reading your blog quite regularly and i must say, u deserve the fame! :)

Btw, i also saw you at Miss Clarity's today! Yes, today the 26 June around 2pm.


Anonymous said...

hi! get to know your blog through e newspaper. didnt know tat there r food blogs around. i'm so inspired by you having good culinary skills. i oso luv food and nutrition.

Rachel said...

yay! how exciting for you!

the baker said...

babsie: thanks for your wellwishes! haha, it helps that I love exercise. Try kickboxing and running - it keeps you going. :) and oh, the key is eating in moderation! too much of a good thing is a bad thing...

Precious Moments: thank you for dropping by and I really appreciate you readers :)

Kelly: hahaaa... no la, not that femes la...

Sonikbyte: my pleasure :) food is one of my passions afterall!

Clara: hey there, why didn't you come up to say hi! I'd have love to meet you...

hui: thanks for your kind words, and I hope you try your hand in the kitchen too! it's fun :)

Rachel: It is! hahaa.... it's been really interesting too actually.

Tamela said...

Congratulations on making the newspaper! I came across your blog and it is really great, I will stop by again for sure. I am also passionate about food and write a food blog, check it out if you have time and my cupcake blog at

Tamela said...

I added a link to your food blog on mine! I like to bake and cook also! Congrats again. Lovely blog!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Congratulations! That must make you real happy.

Like others, I love your blog and hope that you'll continue posting interesting things!

Anonymous said...

Babe! Time for Online Bakery!!

Anonymous said...

you're pretty show off arent u? the way you said "and now, i'm in the newspapers, god knows what's next?" reminds me of what fann wong used to say during the star awards 10 years ago. she got bombarded and remembered for what she said. surely you don't want it to happen to you? your blog may be good but its definitely not the best. moreover, the other people who got featured like eatzybitzy and chubby hubby, they don't BLOG about this whole thing. so must you?

the baker said...

dear anon, thanks for being so honest. do allow me to clarify my actions and perhaps clear the air.

hmmm, it was no intention of mine to show off. the only reason for posting up about the article was for laughs. you see, my friends were joking at the size of the photo, and some were asking about it, so I decided to just be candid and amuse them.

but i do understand where you're coming from. honestly, my blog ISN't the best, and I am aware of that. my food photos cannot match Chubby Hubby's SLR pictures with great lighting & perfect composition.

Thing is, my blog is fashioned in a way that it's reflective of the person I am, flaws and all. I'm young and lively and I love to share with others about my experiences. I know the rest didn't blog about the article. I'm well aware of that, and it's their choice. My goal isn't at all to be famous. Trust me. I posted about it, not to rub it in, and it definitely was done without any pompous intentions.

Erm I think you took my words out of context. When I said, Only God knows what next, I really meant, something beyond being in the papers. I reckon you didn't read through the paragraph before that. I said that I know that there's something in store for me, something meaningful that transcends a wee little article which only mentions me in a few lines.

I only wished you knew me before you decided to judge me on one post. Do feel free to email me if you want to.

Just a last note; I am someone who truly believes that humility is the greatest virtue a person could ever have and I strive to be that kind of person - a person who doesn't let their ego go to their heads. I trust that God is bigger than me and I am more than happy to live my life as simply as I can. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

hey cheryl, congrats on being featured on the straits times. i scanned and uploaded the article for a few ppl, thought you might wanna hv a look too or keep if u havent the soft copy. here it is :

file size's pretty big so u might hv to wait for it to load =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Again. :)

I am a web developer in England, UK. I have never been your side of the water, but I would love to as I am sure it's very different from England!

Jill said...

Hello :) your reply on june 28th to's very well explained. Humility does go a long way, all of us can learn a lesson or two from that reply. Perhaps anon should reflect on his comment before tagging your blog.

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