Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Easiest pudding ever

Bread pudding

I like puddings and I like bread and naturally, I would love bread pudding. The amazing thing about this pudding is that it's so simple yet so delicious. Even a non-baker can put this together in a blink of an eye!

Using the simple bread pudding recipe from William Sonoma, I made myself some bread pudding a few days ago using loaves of Gardenia bread I brought home from the camp. They sponsored bread for our breakfasts at the camp and there was just so many leftovers! But I was more than happy to bring home free loaves of Gardenia bread :)

The loaves were about to expire soon so making bread pudding with the bread was a good idea! And my sis was happy of course, she loves this pudding:

Have a slice of homemade bread pudding

I too, have been enjoying a slice of bread pudding for breakfast the past few days. And I'm hooked! Seriously, you have to try making some yourself if you love puddings and bread.

The recipe calls for baguettes but it's no problem if you use normal sliced bread. I think this pudding is good enough eaten on its own. No need to garnish it with icing sugar. Unless you have a really really sweet tooth of course. Eat this with a cup of mocha. It's lovely...


ivy said...

bread pudding is one of my fav desserts! i had a fren whose mum baked it when i went over for dinner one day and tts how i fell in love with it. i enjoyed baking it too..had a hands on once during my culinary sci module. unfortunately i dont have an oven at home..yes do pity me! ive been tempted many times to deliberately spoil the microwave oven so tt i can request for a new MULTIPURPOSE one! lol...

the baker said...

hey ivy! haha you're so funny. hey, you should try popping microwave popcorn till it bursts, and then it'll stink so bad you'd have to get a new and BETTER oven! =p ok, just kidding! and yes, don't you think bread pudding just rocks?!

chef's Hat said...

Hi Cheryl, puddings rock, bread puddings rock harder. I simply love bread puddings.

If you like a more custard-like consistency, try using piping hot milk instead. Reduce amount of milk and use more eggs.

Toasting the breadcubes or airing them for an hour or so will make the pudding less soggy.


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