Monday, July 11, 2005

Hiestand Swiss Gourmet Bakery

Hiestand Swiss Gourmet Bakery

We all have our favourite bakeries - the pastry/bread haven we go to, to get our daily fix of carbs. Here in Singapore, there are so many flourishing bakeries: Four Leaves, Sweet Secrets, Bread Talk, Bengawan Solo, Cedele Bakery Depot, and not forgetting, your homely neighbourhood bakeries. I adore the smell that permeates the bake shop - the smell of freshly baked bread or sweet scent of cakes and cookies (think Famous Amos) definitely gets me on a high.

My favourite bakery is not really local, but it's one I constantly rave about. Hiestand Swiss Gourmet Bakery.

Okay, it might sound intimidating but it really isn't. I like their scones, chocolate rolls and especially their soft pretzel:

Soft Pretzel

It might not look much, but I seriously like its fluffy texture:

Cross Section of soft pretzel

I used to only eat the type of pretzels a la Auntie Anne's, ya know the ones coated with cinnamon sugar, or sour cream & onion powder etc...

But my pretzel preference has changed, and now, I totally dig soft pretzel. I've tried baking these soft pretzels once, and they taste pretty much like bread, but with a much lighter texture. My goal is to get them as delicious as Hiestand's. Mine certainly don't look as brown and beautiful as Hiestand's... I have a lot of catching up to do!


Hiestand Swiss Gourmet Bakery

Takashimaya B2
Tel: 6 733 9879

Cold Storage
176 Orchard Rd
Tel: 6737 4222

Jasons Supermarket
1 Claymore Drive
Tel: 6 238 7642

Turf City
Turf Club Rd
Tel: 6 468 5480

Cold Storage
1 Fifth Avenue
Guthrie House
Tel: 6 468 0829



boo_licious said...

I confess that I have not tried any of their stuff even though we have their outlets in KL.

Heard that they give free baking lessons also at their bakery in Bangsar.

the baker said...

free baking lessons? serious? man, how come they don't have that here in Singapore?

boo, you have to try their stuff... it's seriously good, i promise :) haha i only rave about stuff that are worth raving about

spots said...

hi, jus found ur website - am also a singapore flogger (food blogger) - by the way, a little known fact - hiestand sells excellent cakes! we tried the one with pistachios (or was it hazelnuts) and chocolate the other day - it was really light & yummy! fantastic! :)

leonor said...

hi!i just found your blog too!it's really a delicious blog!!
i'll try some of your cooking tips;)
well done and long life to this blog!!

the baker said...

spots: really? okay, I must remember to try their cakes soon then! thanks for the tip... and i saw the choc cupcakes on your blog - one word: decadent and drool-worthy! i wanna have some! =)

leonor: thanks =) i hope to keep this blog running as long as i'm running. ahhaaa... i'm actually thinking of starting an online bakery to be my first customer? my brownies are to die for =p

Lori said...

Hey baker,

Try my pretzels. Click on the link. :)


boo_licious said...

ms. baker - we tried the pretzel (it was darker than your picture) and it was not soft but kinda chewy! We bought two slices of cake for dessert and the strawberry cheesecake was yum.

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