Thursday, July 07, 2005

Vanilla Cupcakes

Freshly baked vanilla cupcakes

Vanilla. Mmm... the pure unadulterated scent of vanilla is enough to get you on a high. I used to think vanilla was boring, until I actually realised that it's actually a wonderful bean/pod/plant that can sometimes be subtle yet important. It's now my second favourite ingredient, after chocolate.

In order to taste the layered nuances of pure vanilla, it's advisable to use it in a simple recipe that doesn't have an overpowering ingredient lest it masks the vanilla completely.

My favourite vanilla recipe is my sweet little vanilla cupcakes.

Got the recipe from Food Network ages ago and have used it many times, and it is quite a hit with my friends. They love the buttercream icing as well. Actually it tastes just as good, without the icing. Oh, and I used vanilla sugar to enhance the vanilla taste.

Cupcakes cooling on rack

Look at my beautiful cupcake babies cooling on the rack. Do take note that you must always allow your cupcakes to cool before slapping on the frosting. Or else the heat will melt the icing almost immediately and you'll get watery cupcakes.

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing

My 'clothed' cupcakes. I love how the icing looks like snow. Snow covered cupcakes. How quaint. But I decided to add some colour:

Rainbow cupcakes

and there you have it. my rainbow cupcakes. i didn't use food colouring to colour my icing. wanted it to be simple.

My Vanilla Cupcake

Look at that beautiful cupcake. I love these vanilla cupcakes and the upside of it? It's so easy to make!

Decided to make them for Adeline since we're meeting up today to celebrate her birthday which is actually next tuesday. Happy Birthday in advance Adeline! Hope you like the cupcakes!


skippety doo dah.. said...

what a coincidence..i had wanted to bake myself some cupcakes too this wkend..chocolate buttermilk cupcakes (Magnolia Bakery's recipe)..yummy i can't wait and i hope they turn out as yummilicious as yours...

Nic said...

How perfect looking! White cupcakes are far and away my favorite type of cupcake. It makes me sad that I baked a batch of brownies instead of cupcakes today...

Chin Ru said...

it must be cupcake weekend because i was just thinking you were psychic after i saw your posting! i was just looking to do cupcakes myself yesterday after watching an episode of sex in the city where they were eating these delish looking cupcakes with pink icing! i'd bought pink colouring a while back and just need to use it for the first time. i just might try this recipe - i'll certainly post it when i do!

the baker said...

skippety: OOoo i've got Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcake recipe... now i feel like trying it out

Nic: white cupcakes are simply quaint and genteel looking ya? brownies are good too... but ya i know whatcha mean!

chin ru: haha... aren't we all psychic. first muffins, now cupcakes. ya i think i should go get some colouring too. i've seen those pastel coloured icing and they look so cute

Chin Ru said...

i FINALLY made cupcakes yesterday from your recipe here! I'll be posting the pics soon on my blog. They were a TOTAL hit. i used my peach tint for the icing - i made the icing with butter, but found another recipe for buttercream icing on that advised that vegetable shortening would be better for hot / humid weather (for the icing to hold up). But anyway - the cupcakes didn't sit around long enough for the icing to need 'holding up'. They were very popular at my dinner party last night! thanks for the recipe!

sspaks said...

Your cupcakes look simply divine!! Too pretty to bite into, yet too irresistible NOT to!! I love the shape of ur cupcakes. I bake mine in standard 12 muffin baking tray and they dont look as nice. Is yours a muffin type or shallow patty type? I wonder... if u could possibly show me a pic of ur empty cupcake baking tray?

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