Saturday, July 09, 2005

Nu Bar

Vietnamese Fried Noodles
Vietnamese Fried Noodle

There's just something about hidden gems that I like. Gems such as Nu Bar.

I don't know about you, but I'm really sick of hearing people recommend the usual predictable places to dine. Think Cafe Cartel or NYDC. Well I have nothing against NYDC but I don't really fancy Cafe Cartel. Well that's just me.

Would you rather face huge crowds at a 'popular' eatery or enjoy some quiet comfort eating food that's delicious and at a place not many know about? I'd choose the latter in a blink of an eye.

Nu Bar is one such eatery that I'd always recommend to friends for reasonably priced food that's tasty as well.

The place actually serves Vietnamese fusion food. It opened a few years back and I reviewed it once, for my campus online magazine, The Urbanwire.

Since then, I've recommended the place to quite a few friends. The place is quite 'ulu' (deserted), but that's what makes it special.

I brought Dot and Cenydd there recently and I'm glad to say that they enjoyed the food as much as I did.

I ate the vietnamese fried noodles and Cenydd had the sliced beef noodles while Dot had the Nu Bar Special (noodles with beef brisket, beef balls etc...)

Sliced Beef Noodles
Sliced beef noodles

Kailan with oyster sauce

I wanted to have the sambal kangkong but unfortunately it was sold out so we had the Kailan instead and we also ordered the golden tofu.

Golden Tofu
Golden Tofu

This tofu is crispy and topped with pork floss. It comes with this garlic soya sauce which really compliments it. The tofu is something I have to have, whenever I return to dine at Nu Bar. Absolutely wonderful.

But it's a pity that they no longer have the garlic chicken on their menu. It was one of my favourite dishes.

Do try their vietnamese coffee if you have the chance - it's quite unique.

Nu Bar tends to be quite empty in the evenings so don't fret if you see very few customers - that doesn't mean their food isn't good. It's just that their location isn't really favourable. If only they moved to somewhere more central... it'll really do them some good.


NĂ¼ Bar
190 Clemenceau Avenue
Singapore Shopping Centre



coboypb said...

I must try this place one day. After eating all the delicious food in Hanoi, I find the dishes at the vietnamese eatery (Mai) at the Atrium not as authentic (too salty and oily). In Hanoi, they are generous with herbs and basil leaves. My friend said the Pho House @ Suntec is good too but I haven't tried that yet.

sari said...

Im not into cafe cartel much.. well I havent even dined there before.. but I love NYDC, just that its too crowded most of the time .. and lots of wannabes aye.. heheh I didnt know there is singapore shopping center~!? Is it a new mall? Gotta try this place for sure.. =)

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