Sunday, July 17, 2005

My homemade brownies & Haagen Daz Sundae

Ultimate Haagen Daz Sundae

There's hardly a soul I know who can boldly say that they dislike ice-cream.

Come on, I doubt that there's anyone out there who would want to stay away from ice-cream (well, other than those on a diet or lactose intolerant). It's seriously a heavenly treat.

Especially if you're in a country where it's always summer. Ice cream is a good way to counter the sweltering heat.

I'm sure we all have our favourite ice-cream flavours and brands. There are two ice-cream brands I swear by: Ben and Jerry's and Haagen Daz. Gosh do I melt at the sight of some luciously inviting icecream drizzled in chocolate fudge, and sprinkled with cookie crunch. Yummy.

and.. there's no better way to eat ice cream than with brownies.

not just any brownies...

BUT home made ones:

My brownies and icecream

Can you see my brownies in the midst of the Ultimate Sundae from Haagen Daz?

Mind you, I had that at the Haagen Daz outlet, not at home. Yes, you heard right... It was rather crazy but what the heck...

You see, last week, I met up with some friends and also brought some of my freshly baked brownies for them to try. We all concluded that it would be best to enjoy the brownies with ice cream...

so we headed down to Haagen Daz, ordered 4 scoops of icecream (Bailey's, Strawberry Cheesecake, Macadamia Nut, Belgian Chocolate) and placed the brownies rather discreetly (or not.) on the same plate. We had a good laugh I tell ya. I'm sure the waiters would be wondering where did those brownies suddenly appear from.

Brownie mess

Look at those brownies amidst the ice-cream. Don't you think it looks so inviting? We finished it up in record time!

Last brownie

That's the last brownie standing. Managed to capture it in its glory before it was 'attacked'. I tell you, I've never had such a good dessert in a long while. I mean, what could beat Haagen Daz ice cream with home made brownies???

Haagen Daz rocks... and do I hear cheers of agreement?


gwenda said...

yeah i agree! everyone seems to prefer ben & jerry's but i like haagen dazs better.

Lisa said...

ice-cream and brownies... yum. A heavenly match..

Anonymous said...

i totally prefer ben&jerry.there are much more yummy flvours to choose from!well, i guess it's just preferance...

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