Friday, July 08, 2005

Haagen Daz Chocolate Fondue Heaven

Haagen Daz Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate makes me happy. I get high on chocolate and there's nothing better than some good solid chocolate fondue.

I've only tried the chocolate fondue at Max Brenner's and Haagen Daz.

But I've got to say that Haagen Daz beats Max Brenner's hands down.

This week, I had the perfect opportunity to try Haagen Daz's delectable chocolate fondue. It was my third time having their fondue and this is by far their best yet.

Ice cream balls

what's so unique about their chocolate fondue? Take a look at those lovely ice cream balls. Yes you heard right, Haagen Daz serves ice cream balls with their fondue. And here's what you do with it:

Dot loves fondue

Can you see the twinkle in Dot's eyes? She was going ga-ga over the chocolate fondue, just like me. Haha, and of course Cenydd got sucked into the temptation too. I think we might have just converted him into a chocolate lover!

Choc-coated ice cream balls

Look at how fast the chocolate coating hardens due to the ice cream's cold temperature?

Choc Icecream heaven

Don't you just feel like rushing down to the nearest Haagen Daz right this moment? And that's not all; the fondue came with pieces of banana, apples, and strawberries. It was fondue heaven. We all left the place on cloud 9! and to think we had a full dinner before that. More on the dinner in another post.... right now, why don't you just bask in all that chocolate glory!


sari said...

That looks good really .. but come to think of it, isnt that like icecream with chocolate sauce topping only? but then again its a diff way of eating icecream dat makes it taste better~ hahaha

the baker said...

haha.. it's much better than that! that's because the chocolate is warm and thick... besides, there were also fruits to dip with. And i ended up finishing the left over chocolate. this is melted belgian chocolate if i'm not wrong - not some normal chocolate sauce :)

boo_licious said...

gosh, it looks so delish and sinful. Wonder when HDaz KL will start having this as I want to try some!

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