Saturday, October 07, 2006

The tale of the short-lived radish

Hi Mr Radish

Hello there, My name is Mr. Radish. I got to know Cheryl because Jasmine, my owner, knows her.

I met Cheryl yesterday. I think she was pretty excited when she saw me.

Perhaps she's never seen a radish before.

Oh wait, she's supposed to be a foodie... so I guess she must have known it was me. Afterall, I'm quite recognisable.

I appear mostly in fried carrot cake that the locals love eating at the hawker centre. I don't know why they call me carrot when I'm actually a radish. Weird Singaporeans.

Anyway I'm from Taiwan and Jasmine bought me because she thought I was cute. Don't you think I am cute?

Alas my cuteness couldn't stop her from eating me...

Jasmine Eats radish

Stupid Cheryl, she told Jasmine to try eating me and see how I tasted.

This is sad....

I've only been in Singapore for a few weeks and now I have to depart from this world.

I've been a good radish though and I hope I get to vegetable heaven

Radish dies

Oh, the angel is here to take me to the light.

So I have to say good bye. It was nice to be here while it lasted. I don't blame Jasmine for eating me. I'm meant to be eaten.

BUT thing is, ain't I not a real radish? I thought I was something that looked like a radish. Hmmm anyway I think Cheryl is really apologetic. Well don't feel too bad Cheryl, I have forgiven you... good bye..

Radish last words

The End.


Haha, hope you enjoyed that really silly tale. I just felt like doing something like that. Sorry I haven't been updating as often! You know how busy school is for me... But yay I'm gonna bake and cook tomorrow because it's my sister's birthday! Will post about it soon ya... Take care you all.

P.S. That was a radish pencil case in case you were wondering. :)


Anonymous said...

hahah dats so cute~

Anonymous said...

it's totally awesome had a good laugh.. lol

Anonymous said...

In French, we say: "Genial!"... I just lOved that radish tale. Thanks for the laugh!

D said...

Nice story! And it's rated G as well =)

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse said...

haha, nice tale and drawing skill. :P

DK said...


For a moment, I thought you are going to cook something with radish. :D

Anonymous said...

hehehe.....very funny ler....

kyen said...

Cute! you should do this more often!! :)

Anonymous said...

HELLO! any idea where to get that radish pencil box?

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