Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Anna Ginger Almond Thins

Anna Ginger Almond Thins

Found these at Ikea's little food section and love it to bits. It's very cheap too. Only $2 per box.

I like ginger so that's what caught my eye. I seldom see ginger being paired with almonds so I had to try these. They also have the ones with just the ginger.

I recommend these with mocha or just about any hot drink. Makes for a great snack!

Ginger Almond Thins

Speaking of snacks, heh, I find that I snack alot more when the deadlines and exams are looming! Is it just a girl thing? But sometimes, I do feel more hungry - hmm or maybe my mind's just messing with me.

Been so busy that I haven't been quite regulary with my running! Which is quite bad considering that my marathon is in December... I'm supposed to be training alot! Oh well, I have got to prioritise anyway. Top of my list: Meeting my deadlines! I have 2 papers due this week, 1 next week and one more the following week. On top of that, I've got a test next week too. Okay, pace yourself Cheryl!


Anonymous said...

I love these cookies!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey~~ the cookies looks so cute! and i love ginger too!

I wonder if theres ginger+walnut? ;D

All the best for your tests and datelines!

Nothing is impossible! You can do it~~ (:

sylvie1950 said...

Aren't they great. I was shopping with my daughter at Ikea and popped a couple of boxes of these in the cart while at the checkout. We finished both boxes that day. Thin, crisp and tasty. The price is also right.

DK said...

Its not a girl thing. I also snack alot when studying for exams.

Perhaps its because the brain is working overdrive, that why you get hungry easily. :P (lame excuses)

Good luck for your test. Cheers!

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