Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Menu at Miss Clarity Cafe

polished plate
A polished plate says it all!

My utmost favourite cafe in Singapore has something new to offer you hungry peeps!

And I'm not talking about your usual cafe fare a la sandwiches or fish and chips... No no. The good people at Miss Clarity are going Italian and French.

Well they'll still be cooking up their signature dishes but the talented chef has been busy coming up with brand new dishes that exhibit his creativity and innovative ways.

You will never look at cafe food the same way again I assure you. While tasting some of the new dishes, I almost forgot I was in a cafe. It definitely felt like I was in some posh Italian restaurant, minus the cut-throat prices of course. No kidding.

Okay enough of me rambling. Here's some of the dishes from their new menu:

risotto venere

This is the Risotto Venere with Steamed Seabass & Vegetable Cream ($13.80). The black rice is actually wild risotto that the chef orders from overseas (forgot which country though!). This is my absolute favourite because I really love risotto. The vegetable cream melds well with the rice and gives you that smooth creamy feel that really sent me on a high. Honestly, I was enjoying the risotto so much that I almost forgot about the lovely seabass. I like the idea of fish and risotto - it lifts the heaviness of the rice. Deliciously heavenly. Sometimes the most simplest combinations give you the best gastronomic experience

oyster ravioli

Next up: Oyster Ravioli with Clams Vinaigrette ($11.80). Gosh, I tell you, Jonanthan (the chef) is a genius. He makes the ravioli skins from scratch mind you. It is one of the best ravioli I've eaten. The skin is very different from the ones I've tried at other Italian restaurants. This one is kind of translucent and literally glides down your throat - it's that smooth. The vinaigrette is refreshing and light.

grilled slipperlobster pasta

If you like seafood, you'll like their Grilled Slipper Lobster with Capellini and Tomato Lobster Cream ($15.80). The homemade cream was tasty and I liked how they chose capellini to go with the lobster. It's a thinner pasta that doesn't take the attention away from the tender lobster. Perfect.

black pasta

Ahh.... pure black bliss.

You know, when I talk about those black strands, all my friends go 'eeeee'. I really don't know why black is seen as icky and gross? Hmmmm you see, colours really matter sometimes. But heh for me, you know I never really like to judge anything by appearance. If it tastes good, I'd eat it! And I did eat it.....

squid ink pasta with stuffed squid

I ate the awesome Squid Ink Linguine with Stuffed Squid & smothered with Coriander Dressing.

This dish is not out on their menu just as yet. But it will be, soon, in November. Akan Datang! (Malay for Coming soon!) Do look out for it.

I dig their squid ink pasta. They cooked it with butter I suppose because it tasted really rich and delicious. Oo-la-la. Check out what's inside the stuffed squid:

squid ink pasta

Healthy eh? I couldn't agree more. That's what I like about the food at Miss Clarity Cafe! It's not only uber scrumptious, but healthy as well. Each visit to the place makes me smile ever so widely. There's really nothing better than a good meal.

So there you have it. Some of their new items. Oh, you know, they even serve French escargots in garlic butter and Red wine Risotto with Pan-seared scallops. I haven't tried those yet. Why don't you try it and tell me about it?

Anyway they're currently working out their Christmas menu and I think they're gonna do something exciting! Might also work out something with them for you my dear readers :) So stayed tuned ya!

Their website is up, go have a look: www.missclaritycafe.com


Anonymous said...

I'm going this weekend!!!!


I hate reading your blog. It makes me hungry. :(

Sammy said...

I popped by yesterday and had oxtail stew and chicken ballotine. Their food is really not greasy at all which is really good! Besides that, the taste is there and the price is very very reasonable. Certainly going there to try out the new dishes soon :)

Babe_KL said...

the price is very reasonable certainly

Anonymous said...

it's a long time since our family and friends pop over. maybe it's time to revisit. thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

It's such a mistake coming to your blog when it's near lunch time and I am feeling so hungry. I think I can eat an elephant now!

Think it's high time I visit Miss Clarity Cafe. I've never been there before.

Thanks for the recommendation, Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

it would be nice if they could go halal...more people would go. as far as i know they aren't any proper italian cafes that are halal. it would be a good move for them.


Anonymous said...

i've tried the pan-seared scallops 2 wks back. not to my liking! disappointed! the lobster bisque was another disappointed. too saltish and i can't taste lobster at all. on the hindside, the Chicken Ballotine is super gd and so is the ravioli in vegetable sauce.

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