Sunday, August 06, 2006

Neuhaus Chocolate Spread

Neuhaus Lid

Okay, you all know how much of a Nutella fanatic I am ya?

I just think that chocolate and hazelnuts make a perfect marriage and I seriously think the person who first thought of putting the two together's a genius! Seriously!

Nutella rocks my world and I'd never trade it for anything else....


Yep, there's a but. Only because of a reason as good as this:

Neuhaus choc spread with nuts

Neuhaus is one of Belgium's finest chocolate purveyors and I've seen it being sold at some chocolatiers here in Singapore. Not sure if there's a boutique though.

Anyway, this jar of 'chocopasta' a.k.a. crema al cioccolato alle nocciole was a birthday gift from my friend Daphne. She figured that I might just love this since I love Nutella.

Indeed, I did fall in love....

and it is now on my list of favourite food products.

neuhaus spread2

It's not that I don't like Nutella anymore... way no! haha. I'm a loyal foodie.

But the thing is, this spread from Neuhaus is less sweet and you really get to taste the chocolate and hazelnut. Try it on crackers, it's amazing:

on crackers

I wouldn't say it's exactly the same or better than Nutella. They're both different in certain aspects. Just like how certain jams vary in texture and taste despite sharing the same flavour. You get my drift.

Let's just say I love chocolate hazelnut, be it Neuhaus or Nutella. Both rock my world, just in different frequencies. heh.


Anonymous said...

Hazelnut and chocolate. Two heavenly creation transformed into one. Superb. Many chocolate-holics will agree with you ;)I, for one, am now thinking of the nutella in my fridge.

Anonymous said...

i have always been eating my nutella with crackers for breakfast, and sometime as a snack! Its really nice and sinful!! hehee..

and i tot im the only guilty one, glad u eat nutella with crackers too..haha..

Anonymous said...

My younger brother is just like you; he loves chocolate and of coz, his all time favorite snack is white Gardenia bread smothered with a thick later of Nutella with butter. Reading your blog is is a joy, I love my chocolate too but have since all but given it up these days. Carry on the wonderful blog, it brings us so much joy. I hope you enjoy posting the blog as much as we rnjoy reading it. Bless you!

Anonymous said...'s such a joy to read your blog! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful experiences of good food. :)

Anonymous said...

YUM! Thnks for the post! I'm definitely going to give this one a try the next time I go to the supermarket ;)

starz said...

Not sure if you tried this brand before, but I think you can try this brand of chocolate spread called Crumpy. It can be found in most of the supermarkets like Cold Storage in Sg. I personally prefer it to Nutella. :)

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