Monday, August 14, 2006

Basil Seed Drink

basil seed drink

Check this out! Another interesting find! Okay, it might be familiar to the locals, but I do suppose the rest of you would be quite bewildered. haha.

You gotta admit that it does look a bit freaky and weird. But it's actually not that bad. Those black dots are basil seeds, a.k.a. selasi seeds. They add a slight crunch to your drink and don't really have any taste. Kinda like poppy seeds ya know; they're just there to add texture.

It came in a glass bottle:

bottled drink

There were two flavours - honey and green tea. I prefer the honey one. It had a pleasant taste. But I think they added stabilisers to keep the seeds suspended. Usually when I use selasi seeds in my drinks, they always sink to the bottom, only to rise when I stir it. Basil seeds are very unique - if you look closely at the picture, you'd realise that there's a translucent outer layer. I don't really know what's that, but it's only after soaking it in water then you get that slippery layer.

The drink is on sale at $1.70. I bought this from Shop n Save. Try it if you're really curious :)


valentinA said...

Hi there!
This drink which we call: Alouda in my country is a kinda national drink. We've been using it for ages & it's well known to be refreshing. I brought them for my friends when I was in UK & they all loved it! You can ask Daffy!
Usually, we soak the seeds, & serve it with condensed milk, agar agar, milk, & ice cream. So GOOD!

Anonymous said...

freaky looking drinks- i like!!! Thnks! Going to try one soon! ^^

reader said...

Wow! Never knew there are such drinks..hmm, are those basil seeds the same as those that are served in desserts like soursop ice? Anyway, could you tell me what's one stick of butter in grams? Cos' different recipes use diff measurements, I'm quite confused.. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

There's 3 flavour to this drink! The other flavour is 'Lemon Tea' and it tastes better than the 'Honey' and 'Green Tea'!

Try it!

cookies_cream said...

The basil seeds looked like some kind of bacteria to me... :P Was it some kind of healthy drink?

mariya said...

i love those seeds in rose syrup. the weird thing is that it's only sold during the fasting month in geylang. if you have the chance, try it. there's also another variation called "air katira", which has agar-agar strips and those seeds as well. i didn't know they were called basil seeds!

Daffy said...

Hey Cheryl!
Haha, just when I was about to tell you that my Mauritian friend (Valentina, above) introduced this basil seeds to me! It's a real painstaking job that results in a drink (Alouda) that's super satisfying and tastes a little like our bandung, except with chewy bits in it. =)

Gustad said...

i love those seeds in falooda

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