Saturday, August 05, 2006

The helluva present which blew me away...


See that clasp there above?

Can you guess what it opens? Better yet, do you know what the item is?

Here's a clue: it's something I've always wanted!

Yes, it's got something to do with food and it opens up to something way cooler than the exterior.

It's a beautiful object that's very useful and one I'd definitely be taking out to the park or the beach.

Have you guessed it yet? It's pretty simple ya?

haha.... here's a self-explanatory picture:

MY picnic basket

Ta-dah!!! If you guessed a picnic basket, you're right!

Wait, that's not it.... The best part is that this basket belongs to me! I'm so so so excited.

It's actually Dot's birthday present to me.

Aww... I'm so touched - she knew that I've been looking for one and the dear girl actually got one for me. Thank you so much Dot! I love this present to bits.

You all should have seen the look on my face. I was estatic when Dot handed the basket to me and said it was mine.

Better yet, I opened it up and found this:

picnic basket interior

Check it out!!! I think Mr. Bean has the same basket. Remember that episode where he went for a picnic with his brown bear and he had to chase away the bees? haha.

Lovely, this is just so lovely! I really just want to go picnicking right now! Imagine bringing this basket out, finding myself a nice spot under a tree, and opening it, and having a nice and homely picnic on a cool Sunday morning. ahhh....

I adore the checkered interior I tell you. It's so old school! Man, this picnic basket's like an antique. And it sure is one helluva present. It's something I'd treasure and keep for a long long time. Maybe it could be an heirloom... HAHA. Pass it down to my children in the distant future. heh. okay, I think I've gone bonkers.

All right, before I go, here's a really useful link for picnic recipes. Let's all go picnicking! :)


Anonymous said...! my bf and i have been looking for a picnic basket for some time now. this is just perfect. i adore the checkered design too!! i'm just as excited as you are at the sight of this basket. hehe.

RuiSong said...

wow.. nice picnic basket.. haha.. the ice cream from marina is also very de cool.. hey.. is yr birthday on the 29th of july?? if it is then it's the same as me.. haha.. cool man..

:: Pastry Girl :: said...

it really looks so cool! Can really sense yr excitement and i think anyone wil be equally excited with this gift! Wow.. singapore weather is quite good for a nice picnic! Enjoy.. :)

Anonymous said...

this is really really pretty! i've been searching for one too but all the designs quite auntie-like. this is gorgeous. :)

Cheryl said...

Ooh, nice basket - I hope you get to use it soon!
And I love that Mr. Bean episode!!

Isabell Tay said...

Hahahaha... I remember that particular episode as well. Especially when he trapped one of those bees in his juice bottle. Hilarious.

And thanks for the link to the picnic foods! It will come in handy since I will be going on a trail hike soon! :D


trish said...

thats a really nice picnic bag! with all the necessary stuff. haha.. anyways i need the great baker's help! do u know where in sg i can find more hersheys baking products, rather than just the normal semi-sweet choco chips.? or better still, is there anyway i can purchase more of their products online? need them for my baking! :(

the baker said...

faizah: ya! i've been looking high and low for one and now, i have one of my own... i'm really happy :)

RuiSong: yes, do try the ice cream! that's right, my bday's on 29 July. Same as you? Cool! :)

Lavender cupcaker: hey girl, yea, i agree. can just go east coast park or botanic gardens on a bright sunny day!

mariya: i think so too! i fell in love with this basket the moment my friend handed it to me. I was speechless i tell ya.

Cheryl: hey hey, yes i am dying to use it. I love Mr. Bean! he's so darn hilarous.

The Chocolatier: yep yep... and all his crazy antics! have fun with your trail hike :)

trish: hmm, i'm not really sure actually. hershey's doesn't really have a boutique. why not try other brands? like Valrhona?

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