Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nescafe Ice

Nescafe Ice Sachets

My first week at school has been rather fruitful. Been to all the introductory lectures, bought my coursepacks and met up with friends I haven't seen in ages.

That also means that it's time to up my coffee intake once again! haha, not that I haven't been doing so. What am I talking about? You'll understand when you have to go for lectures just after lunch or early in the morning! Caffeine really wakes you up!

And speaking of coffee, I have to let you in on something weird and interesting. Just last month, I was at a supermarket and found sachets of Nescafe Ice. Okay, Nescafe is a coffee brand as you all know, but ICE? Does that mean it's best drunk with ice?

However I wasn't that bewildered because I did buy a can of Nescafe Ice before:

Canned Nescafe Ice

I think I found it at 7-11. And yes, I do take pictures of anything edible and memorable. :)

So what's this drink all about? I know that recently there has been alot of 'ICE' versions of drinks. That includes other soft drinks like 7-Up. And I do suppose that the ICE comes in with the chilling sensation one gets when drinking these.

How in the world does it chill you? I have no idea, but I suppose that they use a certain extra ingredient. I'm not really sure what it is, but I'll definitely go do some research on my own.

In any case, back to the sachets I bought. Costing $2.90 for 10 sachets, it's definitely cheaper than buying one can of it! hahaa... how did it taste? I found it a tad too sweet but still drinkable.

I've been blending it with ice to make some sort of a Nescafe Ice Slush. Yes, I know, blending it with ice gives it twice the impact - the chill sensation I mean. Lo and behold, it really gives you a chill. Seriously! You'll understand if you try it....

The packet recommends you to add in a banana too - which I did. Verdict? Gave it a smoother texture but wasn't really quite platable. I think I'll stick to my normal freshly brewed hot coffee in future.


mariya said...

i think the "ice" refers to that slight zing you feel after you drink it... possibly from some minty source? that's what i think. lol.

Shelly said...

Back in my working days I used to have Nescafe ICE daily. It came in satchets as well, and during their introductory offer, it also came with a shaker for you to mix it in. But unfortunately I haven't seen it around for at least 2 years, despite my desperate attempts to find it in every supermarket accessible to me.

I remember it was called ICE because you can make the coffee with ICED WATER instead of the usual warm water then add ice.

Where did you get yours?!?!? I need to get my fix!! It's been calling for 2 years already!!!

the baker said...

mariya: yea i think so too!

shelly: really? it's been around for so long? i only noticed it now. but not every place sells it ya know. oh i bought mine from Golden Mile Complex - at their thai supermarket!

Anonymous said...

heyy! I drank NesTea Ice back in Macau.. but i cant find it anywhere in Spore. Do post if anyone happen to see it anywhere ok! thank u -rach

yingying said...

i think it's mint, too...

Randi said...

You guys get the neatest products in Singapore.

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