Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ashmi Indian Food

indian rice
Bought this from Ashmi Indian Food for only $3.50

There's the 5 C's that Singaporeans talk about owning (cash, credit card, condominium, car, country club membership) and then there's my favourite 5 C's.

You don't need to think hard to figure out what they are. They're definitely edible. Haha...

Can you guess what they are?

Okay, I'll just tell you: chocolate, chilli, cheese, cake, cookies.

Yep yep, how typical of me eh?

Today I'm going to talk about chillies. Or rather, all things spicy.

Alot of my friends try their darnest to avoid the fiery 'thing' but I simply gobble it up like nobody's business. Believe you me, I love my chilli. Anything with it, ie, curries, sambal, assam etc, simple rocks my spicy world.

So you'll probably understand when I tell you how much I love Indian cuisine. Indians are just so adept at mixing and matching spices. Anything from peppercorns, to star anise, cumin and mustard seeds, etc - just place it in their hands and they can make magic. That's what I adore about their food. Am totally a fan of their dhal and masala stuff. And oh, talk about briyani and thosai, chapati, and their yoghurt dips. Yummm....

As always, when I talk about a certain cuisine, I'll definitely have some place to recommend, and today, it's Ashmi Indian Food.

I had lunch there a few days ago after running with JF at Sentosa. This stall is situated at Seah Im Food centre at Harbour Front Interchange and I totally dig their food. The rice was yum (basmati i think), and I ordered some veggie and chicken. It comes with a pappadum too! Yet another of my favouirte.

JF ordered a masala thosai:

masala thosai

Yea, I took the picture too late, so what you see is a half-eaten thosai. Hope you don't find it gross! :p Anyway it was delicious, especially with the dips.

Here's how the stall looks like:

ashmi indidan food

So there you go, yet another of my off-the-top-of-my-head musings about some of my favourite foods.

Man, I need to pick up Indian cooking! The only Indian dish I know now is tandoori chicken. Anyone care to share their favourite Indian recipes with me?


Anonymous said...

Oh Indian food is my favourite!! Yum! and for that big plate.. its real cheap manz!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link where you'll be able to find indian recipes...

Hope I'd help !!

Keep on doing your very nice blog !!!


Anonymous said...

Its a joy reading your blog. Appreciate all your pictures and write ups,its really great. Whether if its on nutella muffins or cookies or vegetarian foods, you make everything seem so delicious.

You must have a great joy for life, and great faith in God. Thanks again, for the very wonderful blog.

Mahek said...

it was great to see you and JF relishing indian food.
in india we call what JF ate a dosa or dosai its not thosai.
what was the thing that you ate called?
i would love to help you to make a indian meal or a indian recipe.
check out the blog
ruth is making an indian meal this weekend she is from toronto canada

homemaker said...

Cheryl, I really would love to try Ashmi as well, i am a lover for indian cuisine too. Try Spice Junction at Race Course Road, one really good indian resturant which comes from Kerala, especially authentic with chefs from Kerala as well.

Vidya said...

i posted a few on my blog... anything particular that you'd like to try?? do let me know, i could post it... i am a bit of a traditional cook when it comes to Indian cuisine.. vegetarian, and a i avoid using ready mixes :)

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