Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Villars Bar

Yes, I'm blogging about chocolat noir again.

And I do have a good reason to! I tell you, it's just me and my affinity for dark chocolate. Honestly, I've been indulging in some everyday for the past week and it really keeps me going. I usually have it in the morning to kickstart my day. I do think it's a great substitute for coffee. Especially if you're all groggy and too lazy to wait for the water to boil and all.

Ahhhh... my mouth just waters as I type this. haha, I know how weird this sounds but seriously, I do love chocolate this much! I get all excited when I discover new chocolate brands which have such great promise.

For those of you who have read my post about Cailler, let me introduce yet another Swiss chocolate brand: Villars.

This brand rocks my world and the best thing is, it's available in Singapore! Found it at Candy Empire. I first fell in love with Villars chocolate after trying some JF bought back (aside from the Cailler). I was delighted to step into Candy Empire (my fav local candy/choc store by far!) and find that they have it here. I've only tried their 72% noir and guess what, it rocks my world just as much as Cailler does:

Villars 72 percent chocolate

And look at how pretty it is! The flower... hahaa... this one has a more smooth undertone to it. I find that Cailler chocolat noir tends to be more robust. Whatever it is, I like them both... Man, I'm a sucker for the dark chocolate. The darker it is the better. I've even tried 80 and 90%! But till now, my favourites are still Lindt, Cailler and Valrhona. I do think they have some of the best quality chocolates. Godiva's good but it's so bloody expensive! It's really the Tiffany's of the chocolate realm...

I really can't wait to visit Switzerland though - I've heard loads about the chocolates and I know there are so many other brands I've not tried. My aunt actually went to a chocolate factory when she was holidaying there. How cool is that? She's now in Norway on another holiday, happily enjoying the fjords!

As for me, I'm happily house-sitting her 'sanctuary' while she's gone. I'm going to use her Brandt oven and beautiful elegant KitchenAid! Yes she's given me permission :) okay, off I go.. time to indulge in some food programmes on Discovery Travel & Living, my most fav channel on cable. (I don't have cable at home so I watch alot of it when I'm at my aunt's place. haha.)


Anonymous said...

Babes! The Conrad chef uses Valrhona too. Oh and he says we should check out French chocolate as well, he says they're on par with the Swiss. :) Cya tomorrow!

Colin said...

There's an Italian brand that's suddenly become very popular as well - Amedei. Personally I don't like it that much, but it's being served in many restaurants.

Anonymous said...

that's one thing i can't bring myself to eat. dark chocolate. haha. i love milks and whites though. :) but yeah, the flowers are pretty!

wanida said...

i love dark chocolate too! but i think 85% is as high as i can go. paris was fab because they had 90, 95% so i just bought tons back, before realising that as much as i love dark chocolate, maybe this is just too much.

i'll be sure to check out candy empire soon for that. (boy am i glad i intern around that area. bliss.)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It's great to hear that you can get our Villars chocolate in Singapore! Apart from the dark chocolate, they also have other flavors (white and milk chocolate, praliné, with nuts, etc...) and they rock. At least, it's not made by the big multinational Nestlé (although I love Cailler)!...

irresistible ivy said...

i'm so gonna head for Candy Empire to get Villars soon...if im not wrong its at Milennia Walk right? or isit Suntec? anw Discovery Travel & Living is my most fav channel too! i love Globe Trekker, Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown, and any Jamie Oliver cooking shows! =)=)

Phoebe said...

Have you tried dark choc from 'Pink Lady'? As far as i know, it has no milk in it. I got some for the man and he loves it. Its about $1.50 per bar available at NTUC (aussie pavillion)

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