Sunday, July 09, 2006

Unsweetened Fruit & Bran Muesli

Fruit and Bran Muesli

Yes, yes, I'm going to talk about breakfast AGAIN.

And yes, it's also about oats and stuff. This time, I have to recommend this great find to all of you - especially those who love hearty and healthy breakfasts.

I'm a big fan of muesli but am always put off by the sweetness of most museli mixes. I just can't stand the artificial sweetness that's caused by the amount of extra sugar some brands add. It's really an oxymoron to me. Sure, muesli is healthy but then the amount of sugar offsets the heart-healthy factor don't you think? The same thing that applies to supposed 'fat-free' foods! More often than not, they end up being sweeter than usual because they add more sugar to hide the lack-lustre taste due to the 'fat-free' factor.

Okay, before I start rambling on.... back to the topic. I just discovered Marks & Spencer's Unsweetened Fruit & Bran Muesli and I'm hooked. Have been having it for breakfast the past few days. It's filling and doesn't make me feel sick because there isn't any sugar added. The natural sweetness comes from the dried fruit in it. It costs $5.50 and i think it's worth a try - if you're a muesli girl like me. :)


Jaschocolate said...

It made it sounded like it tastes very nice like that.. Will be sure to try it out soon..

shaz said...

i like honey stars!!

Ana said...

Oh Yumm! I love musli but also always find them way too sweet... I wish I could find this one over here in the US though...

Vera said...

we just bought some of the marks and sparks cereals too! buy one and get the other one at half price! good bargain hehe.

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