Saturday, July 22, 2006

Depot Rd Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa

I love claypot laksa alot

Boy was I a happy camper yesterday! Just check out that hungry smile on my face...

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats a good scrumptious meal (that's also cheap! haha).

I dare say, having a yummilious meal always sets the mood for the day. It makes me smile more, laugh more, burp more maybe? hahaha, just kidding.

And so, I have to rave about this awesome claypot laksa I savoured yesterday at Alexandra Village Food Centre.

It's seriously da bomb!

I think I prefer this kind of laksa - with a thick and rich orangey fragrant coconut milk gravy with plenty of sambal. Katong laksa pales in comparison and simply fades into oblivion the moment I tuck into this one of a kind claypot laksa.

What makes this laksa so fantastic? First of all, I adore the colour:

Yummy Claypot Laksa

Second of all, I can't get enough of its aroma. The gravy is thick like curry! And man, a $3 bowl is enough to fill me up. If you like big portions, there's also the $4 and $5 choice.

It's my first time eating claypot laksa and man, I'm hooked! This stall is uber famous for their awesome claypot laksa:

Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa

Check out the queue. They've been featured in various media as well.

Ahhhh.... thank God for claypot laksa! I've finally tasted laksa heaven. Seriously, it beats all the other laksas I've eaten. If only they had a stall in the East! This one is simply too far. I was only there yesterday because I went to Ikea and Queensway Shopping Centre.

Was there with JF and Leonard. Leo ate the laksa and loved it as well. But JF decided to skip it and ate this from another stall instead:

Queensway Nasi Lemak

I think it's some nasi lemak with orange coloured (weird! it's not even briyani) rice. But it tasted really good too! He only paid $2.50! Man, I must come here more often. The food there's just so delicious....

Anyone knows any other yummy stalls there? Let me know ya!

Okie, I gotta go... I hope you try out that laksa soon. You won't regret it, I promise :)

Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa
Block 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-75, Alexandra Village Food Centre
Open Tuesday - Sunday: 8.30am-3pm


diddy said...

oh man! That looks so good! I knew that checking out your food blog at midnight over here would make my stomach cry out for food!

Anonymous said...

the avocado milkshake is quite good too they use honey instead of sugar.
there is this dessert store where the uncle can speak very good english and he's really nice too.
there's also promfet fish sliced noodles/rice which is very fresh
at a nearby coffee shop (just after you turn into Alexander Village if you're driving, it'll be on your left) which sells very delicious soon kueh too! :D

Anonymous said...

if u r there for breakfast, must try the vegetarian hee and tasty.

if u r there for dinner, must try the satay....the meat is tender and peanut sauce is not tooo sweet. the bbq fish is good as well.

Anonymous said...

your dad is indeed a great cook! i miss fish balls. does his method yield very springy fishballs? btw i posted this question earlier re your dad's other recipe (chicken)but i think u overlooked it. please tell me at which stage do u season the chicken with salt, before marinating in white wine or after?

the baker said...

diddy: haha... which country are you at by the way? are you singporean?

to the 2 anon: thanks for the recommendations! much appreciated! will def. try those stalls... :)

tabehodai: heya, the fishballs are bouncy. i don't like fishballs that are too springy - you know the ones they serve outside? those have chemicals in them that give them that texture. and about the chicken, i think you marinate it with salt first.

Anonymous said...

The orange-coloured rice looks like nasi tomato (my favourite) to me.

Anonymous said...

hihi it's mi again. sawing your claypot laksa post reminds mi of the laksa tat i went yesterdae for lunch. it was at Sungei Road. almost everybody who went there was for the laksa & it was juz $2. the clams were very fresh too think about 10+ of clams. it was also advertised through e media b4. the laksa really taste nice too & not that spicy. yummy~~

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