Sunday, July 16, 2006

One tired baker and many many cookies and cupcakes

Nutella Nutella I love you

Pardon my lack of posts for I've been slogging in the kitchen for the past week.

Been baking till my hands have that perpetual butter smell! And I burnt my finger too. I'm so careless I tell you.

Nevertheless, it was a very satisfying experience as always. No matter how much I tire myself out by baking endlessly (and I do mean endlessly! try baking from 7am to 9pm) till I feel like I'm working in a factory, churning out thousands of cookies and stuff, I love it.

You'd think I'm crazy but alas, I'm from a different planet. There's more to baking (and cooking) than just the process. Believe it or not but I actually find baking to be rather therapeutic. I take joy in baking with my heart and soul (yes it sounds cheesy but seriously, this is where i'm coming from) and knowing that others will get to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

So anyway enough rambling... here are some photos in case you're curious about my bake sale:

brandt oven

Brandt ovens are great! Erm, but too bad this is not mine. It's my aunt's. She bakes alot too and thus the good oven and amazing Kitchen Aid Mixer which ahem I got to use. Thanks aunt, you the best. She's actually coming home from her holiday to Norway today! and yay i've cleaned the entire place till it's spick and span.

i love nutella

Check out the Nutella! That's before I swirled it with a toothpick. I tell you, baking really makes you hungry. It's so tempting to just lick the spoons after you're done with it. This time, I didn't even have time to do that because I literally baked back to back. Ie. once one batch is ready, I immediately pop the next one in and so on. Really like a factory!

swirly cupcakes

Nutella Frosted Cupcakes, after they're swirled. I love to do the swirling. It's fun! :)

peanut butter cookie making

My "Nuts about Nuts" cookies! These peanut butter cookies are awesome. I've gotten good feedback about these little crumbly rich babies. Oh and in case you're wondering, yes I use Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter. I tell you, the smell of baked peanut butter cookies emanating from the oven is to die for. Delicious.

cookies cookies cookies

Chunky Choc Cookies were quite popular too and I had to bake loads of them! I've baked so much of it that I can actually tell you the recipe from memory; no kidding!

chunky choc cookies

Check out the chocolate chunks. This beats chocolate chips anytime. Mmmmm...

plenty of cookies in bottles

Man, check out the number of bottles! This is not all. There are actually more but most of the time, my hands are too occupied with baking that I tend to not take any photos. What backbreaking work! I really should train my sister or heh even JF to be my assistant baker! I could really do with some help. Maybe I will... the next time I hold a bake sale.

So there you have it, a peek into what I was so occupied with the past week. Here's a shout-out to all of you who ordered something from me: it was a pleasure meeting up with each of you and hearing your feedback. Hope you enjoyed my baked goods and I'll inform all of you again when I hold my next bake sale. Thanks loads for the support ya'll! It means alot! :)


Edith said...

Great to hear that you are enjoying it which is the most impt. Wishing you many many sales to come.

Ee said...

Hi i am a baking newbie wanted to try and bake the nutella muffins. Can ask what do u mean by cream the butter and sugar? Is it use the mixer to mix them?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I wanted to order some of your legendary chocolate chunk cookies and I completely forgotten about it!

Shucks! I just have to wait for the next bake sale.

Yeah, I can understand why you say baking is therapeutic :) Glad you had fun! That's the most important!

Eunice said...

Baking is very therapeutic especially if you bake for your loved ones. I haven't really tried out cookies with chocolate chunks yet. I have only experimented with chocolate chips and i sure add a lot of chocolate chips into 1 cookie. Hahaha. Perhaps i could be your baking assisstant! Haha.


Fangmin said...

friend and i popped them cookies into our mouth when we got out of the station. and its so delicious, the look of utter dlight on my friend's face was 'surprise'.

we love nuts about nuts!! till the next bake sale, i'll have to start hoarding the leftover bites. but sadly, leaving in a big household, its nigh impossible!

thanks for baking such great cookies!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Woaw, your post took me breath away! You are indeed a great baker who works laboriously! All of your stuff looks very fine and beautiful...

By the way, I love your aunt's oven and I'm also very jealous to see that she owns a Kitchen Aid! Sniffle, sniffle...

Jaschocolate said...

You enjoyed baking them and we had enjoyed eating them.. Yum yum...

Lexandria said...

Hey Cheryl! Erm, this is Sandra. The one you met with Shelly and Nash at Taka and we had the erm, Uzumaki Ice Cream? LOL.

If u can remember me; I can't get enough of your cupcakes!!!!!!! :D~~~~ I've tried the Choc Chunk Cookies, they were awesome too!

I should had ordered more =/ Pls do hold the sale again, SOON! :X

Heh. Hope to see u soon, too! =D

shaz said...

nice oven!

Jen said...

wow thats definitely a lot of baking. Hope you get to eat some of it while you bake up a storm.

Anonymous said...

You got me salivating at those beautiful Nutella swirl and peanut butter cookies! I think this post alone is sufficient to get me learning how to bake. Time to go shopping for ovens!

mElz said...

Wah, your cookies makes me so hungry!! How to buy stuff from you? Can you email me at (: Thanks babe!

DK said...

Will you be baking the Chunky Choc Cookies for sale again? They look great. Will surely buy from you if you doing another round.

diddy said...

what a great idea to do with the nutella! I was looking online for things to do with the half empty jar of nutella I have and I came across your blog! Do you mind if I put a link to your site on my blog,
I can't wait to try out all of your recipes!! thanks so much

Cheryl said...

You're killing me with those Nutella cupcakes - it's my favorite thing it the world! I better get baking...

Anonymous said...

hi there! can pls tell me how to order ur stuff? looks utterly delicious n would love to try!

the baker said...

Precious Moments: thanks for your well wishes! :)

shanice: hey there, yep, creaming butter and sugar simply means using a mixer to mix them till light and fluffy (pale yellow).

Genn: Ya, I couldn't agree more. when you have fun baking, it seems less of a chore! haha actually you can order cookies from me still but it'll depend on my schedule. drop me an email...

the blunderer: true true. hmmm i somehow prefer choc chunks to choc chips. choc chips are so tiny! haha i wouldn't mind having a baking assistant!

Fangmin: hey girl! good to know you and your friend enjoyed the cookies! :) thanks for all your support - i really appreciate it!

Rosa: thanks for your kind words. ya I wish i could bring my aunt's oven home with me! and Oooooo using her Kitchen Aid was a dream. hey, i heard they have purple kitchen aids in the US! i want that! ahhhh.... save save save...

Jaschocolate: that's great! always good to know how people are enjoying my baked stuff

Lexandria: oh yes, i remember you! yea and the green goo ice cream. hehe... yea, i will definitely hold another bake sale. but as i've mentioned, you can email me whenever to order cookies if you want. just that it'll depend on my schedule as well. so let me know in advance! :)

shaz: it is a nice oven but it's also not mine. haha... though i really wished it was.

jenjen: yea i did! i had to eat some of the stuff to do quality control. it was fun eating it as it was baking it of course! haha.

Veron: good for you! let me know when you start your own food blog!

meiz: you want my cookies ah? can, but must order in advance. email me at

DK: heya, actually i'm thinking of keeping my online bakery going even after the bake sale. but whether i can accomodate orders would depend on my schedule (esp since school is starting soon!). email me and we could work something out. :)

diddy: hey there. yes, do try out the cupcakes yourself. it's really yummy and fun to make!

Cheryl: i'm a HUGE nutella fan too. try drinking milo with nutella mixed into it. hehee... not for the faint-hearted though.

anonymous: email me and we could work something out! :)

Abster said...

Those NUTELLA SWIRLED MUFFINS look deliciiiooouuusss!!!

(Is the recipe a secret or can you share? :D)

diddy said...

too bad you don't do international orders to america! (or do you?!?!) nevermind, the shipping charges would probably cost an arm and a leg. Guess I'll have to make my own, or keep drooling over yours!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know the Peanut butter cookies, whether it is soft cookies or crispy?


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