Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My 7 Food Sins

X of x-tension tagged me a few days ago and I had fun doing up this post. I'm sure most of you won't be surprised at my choices here. After all I have a sweet tooth and I have a love-affair with desserts and pastries. So here goes:

Dark Chocolate

Lindt Dark
Lindt, and Valrhona are some of my favourite brands

Tim Tams



My favourite tiramisu so far is from Entoria. I have yet to try Tiramisutra's! I heard its damn good though.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Nonya Pineapple tarts

My favourite flavours include New York Super Fudge Chunky and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! No surprise there :) but i recently took a liking to Cherry Garcia as well! So glad Singapore has Ben & Jerry icecream parlours!

Pineapple Tarts

Nonya Pineapple tarts
i love these nonya versions. lots of pineapple jam and a crumbly tasty crust. heavenly. totally sinful though

Apple Pie

Apple Pie
Pies! I adore pies esp apple pies ... and i love this one sold at NUS business canteen. They serve it warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. It's cheap too.... only $2 . can you believe it?


The king of fruit has a special place in my heart. Pungent but decadent, rich and creamy, I totally dig this thorny darling.

There you have it, my 7 food sins! Sinful food that I simply adore...

and now, I'll like to tag
Fat Fingers

Bon Appetit!!! I so feel like having some durians now... and erm... chocolate? but heh, chocolate is definite no-no, for now! Nvm, easter is coming... :) I'll be patient!


x said...

Well done. The pie is making me rather hungry. :(

sari said...

Of all, I love durian and Lindt dark choc. I have really taken a liking for dark choc now .. I like the 80% cocoa one.

MichelleYourReader said...

I like TimTam, pineapple tarts (but not crumbly crust) and tiramisu too. I tried the one at Tiramusutra's, the original flavor, heavenly I'd say ;) Now I've developed a liking for Creme Brulee. Btw, I've always wanted to try Cherry Garcia, does it taste like the usual cherry fruit we have as garnishing on top of cake/ice-cream or any almond-cough-syrup flavor?

the baker said...

x: thanks! my choices are so typical of me eh? yes that PIE is amazing. my goal next, is to make an apple pie just like THAT ONE! then i'll be a happy girl forever, erm, until i find something else to swoon, no wait, drool over!

sari: hey mich! yep yep! durian rocks eh? have you tried the durian icecream at parkway parade? it's awesome. heh yea man, dark choc is the way to go! good on you :p

michelle: okay, next goal: to try tiramisutra's tiramisu! oh no.. the cherry garcia flavour is amazing! i was also rather skeptical but you know what. i can say that it's the best cherry icecream i've ever tasted. you taste actual cherries, not just some synthetic cherry cough syrup flavour! go try it NOW! :)

YDavis said...

The baker:

Nice choices. Love dark chocolate and Tiramisu. I make apple pie quite often, actually like apple crisp better.
Have you tried the Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry's? That's my favorite. I am in upstate New York(originally from Malaysia), I really should go visit Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.

the baker said...

YDavis: hey! yea, I've tried chunky monkey too. actually there isn't a Ben & Jerry flavour that I don't like. They're just so awesome, and yummy. you should go! i watched this show on discovery travel and living once and they showed the inside of the factory and how they had this room where they experimented with flavours and all!

Thalie said...

My goodness Ben and Jerry's ! I could die for... Unfortunately we don't have them in France... We have Haagen Dasz too big caf├ęs according to me but not a single B&J's place.
Sometimes but so rarely I can be lucky and find a tiny little B&J's cookie dough ice cream... It's such a pain for me to read that something like NY fudge etc... exist !
Arrgh !

I wanted to ask : you don't seem to have an index on your blog for I am looking for a recipe you made once but can't remember when you post it !?...
How can I do please?

Sweetilicious said...

I need the recipe to those pineapple tarts...How's the giving it up for Lent going? I see you murmured the "C" word and even posted a picture.
I think of your gesture with each nibble. Sweeti

keiko said...

Wow, I've never seen the flesh of the notorious fruit, I'm even more curious now... thank you for sharing!

myCoffee said...

Your 7 food sins sound a lot like mine, especially dark chocolates and durians. I can just go on and on about them... ;-)

Piccola said...


Is the restaurant that you posted about the tiramisu this one??

Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant
#01-36/37 China Square Central
3 Pickering Street
Singapore 048660
Tel: +65 6438 8040

Thanks m(_ _)m

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