Thursday, March 02, 2006

Going cold-turkey for Lent

Tempting chocolates

You all know I LOVE chocolates right? And right now, I could so do with a bar right now and be really happy!


Yes, there is a but.

Because I have decided to go cold-turkey.

No, not permanently of course.

Just for 40 days.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent. So I have decided I should do something sacrificial too. And so, for the time of Lent, I am not going to eat chocolates. I shall block it out of my mind, it should hide in the shadows:

chocolate sacrifice

and I'll not eat a single ounce of chocolate for this month. Is it possible you wonder? I say Yes.... if Jesus could die on the cross, then I could do something as painless as giving up chocolates temporarily.

So, I'm afraid there won't be any chocolate recipes this month. Well I could still bake chocolate stuff I guess, for the family but I think I'd rather be on the safe side. Out of sight, out of mind. :p

Wish me luck! hahaa I doubt there would be withdrawal symptoms. hmph!


Sweetilicious said...

Oh man, Your really good. Chocolate for lent.

LOTS and Lots of good luck!

the baker said...

haha yea, thanks!

already today, I was tempted! Wanted to share this new starbucks drink called mocha valencia frappacino (it has dark choc and orange!) and almost forgot... wanted to take just a sip, but amazingly, I resisted! how's that for a start eh ;0)

Sweetilicious said...

This is going to take more than just good luck! I'll pray for you to make it through. Maybe you should turn your thoughts back to designing your kitchen again or listing your favorite kitchen gadgets and or appliances anything but the C word.
...and if I get to starbucks I'll have one for you too...

Anonymous said...

life is short. u should have the freedom to eat and drink whatever you want! im puzzled on what u are going to achieve by going cold turkey. :S

shaz said...

hi there. Nice blog. I added your blog as a link on mine! cheers! shaz a fellow food blogger from singapore

sari said...

Im a catholic too! .. hahhaa and my way is to eat well~ gee..

the baker said...

Sweetilicious: yea that's a good idea! haha, time to muster all that will power

anon: indeed, life IS short - i couldn't agree more. that has been my mantra for food even but you know what? it's really not about the act of giving up chocolates for 40days - it's the significance of it. To actually feel the pinch when I deprive myself of something I really love eating. it's a personal act of love offering to GOD for lent. But that's just me :) i'm crazy about God that's why and that's the main reason and it's not about what I am going to achieve. Trying my darnest to be selfless. :)

shaz: hey there! yay! another yummy food blog to drool at. i like your site by the way - saw your post about the pope, you a catholic too? i kinda miss his prescence too! he was like the most friendly and amiable pope. i have yet to watch the movie though.

sari: lovely! which church you went too? (in sg)...

Amy D said...

I came to your blog for the first time today, and I guess i was led here to send my prayers for you during your Lent. I have to admit, I have always apologized to God and told Him that I could not give up choclate for 40 days... but the way you put it really stuck it to me, "if Jesus could die on the cross..."

Amen, sister

the baker said...

hey amy, thank you for your encouragement! :) and your prayers. it's true ya know, when i reflect on it, I find Jesus's act of sacrifice so selfess that I simply have to thank Him in my own way and to offer it up as a thank you 'gift' and to say sorry, for the times i've failed to be like Him. Come to think of it, it's only chocolate, and I know I won't die if I don't eat it for 40 days! hahaa :)

Leishia J said...

a very temptinglicious blog! :) all those chocolates and the fishballs and the assam cabbage soup and argh! i can't wait to go home and cook!

keep cooking!

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