Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Carr's Table Water

Carr's Table water

Yay! I've finally finished all my deadlines. Geez, last week was incredibly hectic. Was rushing to complete two papers. I looked like a total zombie and I was eating at erratic hours and survived with as little sleep possible. But you know what? I did it! And I'm still alive. haha.. thank God for that!

Anyway, hope you guys have been doing fine! I really miss doing my thing in the kitchen and churning out stuff! And yes, i miss Chocolate very much!!!

I tell you, everytime I walk into a store, I see chocolate everywhere... everything is like made out of chocolate! And I don't realise how much chocolate I used to eat, until now. Thing is, i'm behaving as if I'm allergic to chocolate, which is kinda amusing - even my friends know I'm abstaining from choc and they try not to buy chocolate stuff. Haha.... anyway i'm still going strong. Dad bought Neapolitan icecream and I ate only the strawberry and vanilla portion! seee... how strong i am... heh.

On another note; since I had to steer clear from chocolate foodstuff, I decided to buy something I've not eaten in eons! Carr's Table Water! My my... these crackers are divine. There's just something about them. I don't know why they're called table water but I do know that these crackers was granted the Queen Victoria's Royal Warrant and was created by Jonanthan Carr in 1831. That's like a whole load of history to these thin crisp cracker! It works totally well as canapes or tapas. Put some tuna or egg spread and viola, a light snack... well I decided to smear on some of my home made lemon curd:

table water with my lemon curd

and the result? tangy, refreshing crackers fit for a queen! :0)

I love these crackers. Been eating them instead of chocolate... well but it's depleting. Time to go get more table water. I'm seriously hooked...

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Docile said...

They taste INCREDIBLE with cheese!

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