Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gingko Lotus Seed Dessert

Gingko Lotus Dessert

This is one of my favourite oriental dessert and there's nothing better than a bowl of it that's homemade. The ones I have outside are either too sweet or really stingy with the ingredients. This dessert is known to be really good for your skin - the gingko and beancurd skin attributes to that I think. It also contains lotus and barley seeds.

No, I didn't make this myself. My mum made it! She surprises me sometimes. She really dislikes cooking and anything to do with the kitchen but I guess this was fool-proof. I mean what's so difficult about throwing in the ingredients in a big pot and let it cook and simmer? haha, I'm so mean! I should give her some credit ya? So there, I'll say it, this one she made was really nice! :)

Perhaps I should make it myself someday. Anyhow, this dessert is a definite must-try, though I think most people don't really like the gingko (the yellow fruit). I remember having difficulty even swallowing it when I was younger... I didn't like it at all, and preferred having more lotus seeds than gingko. But now, I love it! Besides it's good for my skin!


cass said...

hello, i just tagged u for a meme... check out my blog for more info ...

Sweetilicious said...

I'm not familar with the ginko fruit, Is this something you only can get there?

Docile said...

I love beancurd skin! so silky and smooth~~

novice baker said...

I have been wanting to make it for quite sometime! Thanks for the reminder :)
A little note about gingko nuts: it's poisonous to eat more than 9 nuts in a day. Again, this is according to a China tour guide and one of my friends. don't know how true is that....

Nani said...

this looks good.. u know just yesterday my mum wanted to get some cheng theng, but too bad..our favourite shop is closed for cleaning.. :(

so we hopped over to Island Creamery for Teh Tarik icecream instead!!! Hueheheue

MooMoo said...

This is a very good cooling dessert!! I love it! Must ask my mum to make! :)

the baker said...

cass: cool... thanks, i'll post it soon :)

sweetilious: i think it's more commonly found in our region? not sure. but you can read more about it on wikipedia>

docile: yea... i love it too; it just slips down your throat!

novice baker: is it really? I think it's the outer layer that's poisonous... but anyhow i don't eat it that often, so i guess it's okay. haha.

Nani: ahh cheng tng! haven't had one for so long! Oooo island creamery rocks la. ohh if you happen to be at marine parade, check out Scoopz at the Basement.. it's just beside MPH. They have the best durian ice-cream! all homemade! and i like their new grape flavour. you can see and taste the bits of grapes ya know. it's not too sweet too..

i Makan: yea cooling for such a hot weather that singapore is having now!

NKW said...

that's what my grannie make for me all the time... :)

but the thing is... my grannie add eggs at times... smoother texture... but taste eggy... :)

Susan said...

Been wanting to try cooking this again for a looonnng long time. The last time I tried it din turn out well :( ...perhaps it was the beancurd skin I used.

What type of beancurd skin should be used? Any steps (eg. soaking in water) to be done prior to cooking? Will appreciate these tips :)

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