Monday, March 27, 2006

Mushroom and Veggie Chips?!

Mushroom Mix

I'm not sure if you guys can tell what's there in that photo above. Doesn't it look very much like greens and mushrooms? Well that's what they are but these are in a different league of their own!

It's not a salad and neither is it some ingredients for a dish... it's rather a supposedly healthier alternative for people who love chips. You know how on some days when you just feel like snacking and eating something crunchy and you don't want to be feasting on something loaded with fats? Well, I guess you could get your hands on these mushroom and vegetables chips:

JMushroom Chips Box

I don't think these are fried, but it seemed like they dried it until it's all crisp and crunchy. Rather intriguing but very very salty. So I guess, it doesn't make it all the more healthier anyway. It just helps with the consolation part. I'd take fresh vegetables and mushrooms anyday!

P.S. Just a side note about Bourdain - i actually dreamt about the guy that night I blogged about him! In my dream, we were in the same bus and I actually went up to him and snapped a photo with him... damn, I woke up soon after... there are just some dreams you wish you could make a reality! okay, i really sound like a crazy school girl rambling about some hot guy i know! but pardon me... there's just some guys (like Bourdain) that just stands out! :)


Docile said...

I love to eat those chips! There's this brand sold at the basement of CK Tangs at the fruit and vege stall.
I usually avoid the yam strips though, they leave this stinging aftertaste in my mouth.

flower said...

Dont worry about your obsession with Anthony Bourdain. Here I am a mother of two desperately and hopelessly in love with him. So you're not alone.

the baker said...

docile: ya i think i've walked past that place a couple of times... i've tried the apple one before. it's nice too!

flower: haha... did you read the Life Section of ST today? (thurs, 30 mar). i'm sure you did. i pored over the interview article and wished i was the journalist interviewing him instead! oh and he's no longer married... but he has an italian girlfriend.. HAHA.

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