Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sun Chips - The healthier munchie alternative

Sun Chips

Do you love to munch on chips but always feel terribly guilty after finishing the entire bag?

Well, fret not, because now, you can simply munch your guilt away with Sun Chips!

Made from mulitgrains, Sun Chips has 30% less fat than ordinary potato chips....

Less Fat Chips

and if you're thinking how bland it must taste, boy are you in for a surprise...


it's actually as tasty as your normal 'fatty' potato chips and it comes in two great flavours: Harvest Cheddar and French Onion. Check out the delicious looking chips:

healthy looking chips

So what are you waiting for couch potato? Go grab a pack now! And eat your way to a healthier you without the extra calories.

*Available at Carrefour.


okay, okay for those of you who are thinking what the hell am i doing? heh just felt like doing something different. trying out my copywriting skills.. haha

anywayz, no I wasn't paid to 'advertise' their chips at all, in case you're wondering. i just discovered this chips a few days ago when i was checking out the huge selection of chips at Carrefour. I didn't think it would taste much, but hey, it really quite good. Best thing was, it didn't feel too oily and no, there wasn't any guilt after munching on these chips.

chips aside, i realise i haven't been baking or cooking much. and it's all thanks to my new university life. I live about more than an hour away from campus and spend a great deal traveling to and fro everyday so by the time i get back, i'm too tired to do any baking. this sucks. but well, i'm planning this mini tea party with a few friends and I'll definitely take this opportunity to cook and bake loads, to make up for my short baking hiatus. haha. think scones, muffins, and tea? hahaa... i myself am looking forward to it. okay, time to go to school. laterz!


Anonymous said...

Those look delish! You should try Kettle Chips! Love them!

sari said...

Geez, so many nice yummies when I scrolled down! Im hungry again~ I love potato chips~ Yum, but I dun crave for em as much as I crave for chocolates... funny~ Im trying to kick chocolates out now.. at least not everyday.. haiyoh~ Good Luck babe.. Im sure u will handle everything well~ Heehee I cant wiat for pictures when u ahve dat te aparty.. me like tea parties!!

Anonymous said...

hi can u post the recipe for tat soya sauce chicken. i believe my gran used to make tat but shes senile n wouldnt remember the recipe. pls...

Tym said...

My favourite flavour of Sun Chips is actually the original, which comes in the blue packaging. Such a pity that I haven't been able to find it in Singapore...

blaze said...

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