Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dad's Soya Sauce Chicken

dad’s soya sauce chicken

Remember the soya sauce pork I mentioned about in my post about the food cooked for my 21st birthday soiree? Yes, the delicious one cooked by my dad. I didn't have a photo of that. But I do have a photo of this lovely chicken version of it here.

I just had to post it up. And if you think it looks yummy, well it tastes even better. Think sweet and salty. That's the amazing thing about soya sauce. It goes well even with a honey base. Come to think of it, I have to start pestering my Dad to pass down his culinary secrets to me. He's such a great chef, it'll be a pity if I let it go to waste. But ahem, he's not exactly the most patient person around. I just hope I learn fast. I am keen on learning how to make ayam buah keluak and devil curry like he does! I need to master more asian recipes.....


cherub said...

oh, can you post up the recipe too?

it looks really really good...

the baker said...

hey cherub,

sure, i'll ask my dad for the recipe later. but usually he doesn't follow recipes cos they're all in his head! hahaa but not to worry, i'll try to get it from him in as accurate a version as possible. =)

Joe said...

That picture really makes me wish that was infront of me and not in the monitor!

ChubbyCat said...

hope you'll share the recipes for ayam buah keluak and devil curry when you master them. it's been aaaaaaaaages since i've had them, and now i've got cravings! *ack* :)

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