Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Durian Day

Durians at Toa Payoh

This thorny fruit is by far one of my favourite indulgences.

Also known as the King of all fruits, the durian has its fair share of ardent fans and people who would rather be pricked by its thorns than actually place the 'fragrant' mellow yellow flesh into their mouths.

Naturally, most Westerners are quite adverse to it, for obvious reasons i suppose. The pungent smell of this unique fruit can be quite foreign to some. But i guess it's different when you have eaten it since young and basically grew up in an environment that treats it like a common must-have fruit! Think Goodwood Park's durian cream puffs or Emicake's durian cake. You get my drift I suppose?

Anyway what's the deal about this fabulous fruit you ask? Well try opening one:

Opening Durian

now, tell me what do you see? For durian lovers like me, i see something almost lyrical. I can smell the durians right here, as i type these words. I can taste it in my mouth while i stare at the pictures.

durians just don't taste like fruit! i mean, the custard-like consistency begs for attention whenever I pick one seed up. It doesn't taste like mango, rambutan or apple for that matter. I guess one can categorise it under the 'exotic fruit' section.

Mind you, durians can double up as a weapon, given its thorny exterior but i really much prefer to open them and reveal their glory.

okay okay, i'm not really a durian fanatic but pardon my sudden thorny enthusiasm - i have a valid reason:

after sociology lecture, me, cherlyn, matt, jeremy and mark went to Toa Payoh to have durians. We actually planned this durian 'outing' last week. Been looking forward to today all week. and yes, we did enjoy ourselves tremendously. you can tell from matt and cherlyn's faces over here:

Matt and Cherlyn eating durians

Pure ecstacy you say? I say 'aye'! and well here's cherlyn and me going 'bonkers' over our delicious durians:

Cherlyn and me enjoying durians

look at our wide smiles... need I say more?


Gia-Gina said...

My mom and dad would go crazy for fresh durian.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how good does that look! I haven't had durian for so long. I really need go hunting for some.

Joe said...

I've seen this a couple times in a local asian market and always wondered what it was! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey! my fiance saw somebody being refused to board an airplane because the durian smell.

I also finally got to try it couple months ago when a friend brought dried durians from Taiwan. Keep them away from me! I suppose that means more for you; be my guest.

cin said...

Don't show yummy pictures like THAT! We can only get frozen durians here...sob, sob.

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