Friday, August 19, 2005

Media Mention

Food Blogging Article

Some of us local food bloggers (or floggers for that matter) got mentioned in an article about the food blogging community this tuesday in Strait's Times Digital Life.

Seems like we're making a mark in the blogging community, no?

My... it's been four months since I started this food blog. Time zooms by ya? But not to worry, I promise to continue whetting your appetites and try to hypnotise you people to lick your screens.


Nic said...

Congratulations, Cheryl!

Joe said...


sari said...

I love food blogs, and yr one of my favs!! A while ago, they caught up with me and put mine on digital life too.. how embarassing when mine is usually all pics! hahaha

tytty said...

congrats on making your mark in the Sporean food blogging community! hehe.

the baker said...

dear all, thanks! you all have been such wonderful readers. thanks for the support! cheers :)

Randi said...

congrats!! Im so surprised that the paper is in English.

the baker said...

thanks randi!

haha, just curious though; why are you so surprised that the paper is in English? erm you do know that English is our first language here in Singapore? Don't tell me you thought Singapore was in China? That's the biggest misconception ever...

English is the spoken language here and the artice you see there was published in The Straits Times, our national newspaper.

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