Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Snowcapped Muffin Experiment


That which you see above is a clue to my recent muffin adventure which ended like a science experiment gone wrong.

Snowy Marshmallows

I know those snowy marshmallows look innocent but they hide something in them.

Chocolate Centred Marshmallows

chocolate. yea chocolate centred marshmallows. I bought them on impulse a couple of days back with an intention of getting creative again.

I'm sure you've guessed by now what I did next. I tried to make marshmallow muffins.

Before baking

So what I did was to put those small marshmallow pillows into the centre of each muffin batter. And the result was very interesting. It reminded me of Pinkcocoa Tabetai's Volcano muffins.

She too, tried to experiment and got erupted muffins. I sort of guessed this would happen to mine too, but me, being the one with an inventive streak decided to go ahead anyway. and what I got was snowcapped muffins. Yes, if Pinkcocoa got some volcano muffins, well i got snowcapped ones. Imagine Mt. Fuji... see what i mean:

After baking

i wasn't really disappointed actually. if anything, i was highly amused and tickled by this experiment. at least i now know what happens if you actually put marshmallow pillows into your muffins!

Tastewise, it was pretty decent. Except that all the melted marshmallow has surfaced to the top. I used the basic Mix-In Muffin recipe I used previously. So these were moist soft muffins with soft white sticky 'snow' on them. So it tasted exactly like muffins with a sweet tinge to it.

Snowcapped Muffin

I think I should stop baking like a scientist. But i'm really curious as to how the Malteser Muffins that Chin Ru of Sweet Oven tasted. I'm sure they taste divine. Chin Ru, post up the recipe soon so we all can have a clue on what it tastes like! I will definitely try it out... Speaking of muffins, I was at a cafe and saw them advertising some Cherry Ripe muffins they were selling. Creative huh? I don't think Cherry Ripe is common here (more of an aussie thing), but it's really this dark chocolate with a cherry infused coconut centre. It's yummy. Oh that cafe had mars muffins too! Interesting. maybe i'll go buy some soon and tell of how yummy it is and maybe recreate them myself!


Anonymous said...

just to let you know that i love reading your blog and drooling over all the delicious photos that you put up. yum!


sari said...

i dun dare to be so creative, but im sure u had lots of fun. i love those marshmallows!!!!

Anonymous said...

i really love your blog and your adventures in baking and even cooking! i always wanted to start my own food blogging but with all the high standards set around here...i just could not start... sigh..

eatzycath said...

hey girl, experimentation is the spice of life, and curiosity brings forth new culinary wonders! looking forward to your mars muffins :)

Chin Ru said...

i have posted the recipe for my malteser muffins finally! so go on and try them! Do let me know if they turned out well for you!

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy these marshmellows? They look deliciously fluffy~ Thanks in advance!

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