Friday, June 24, 2005

A birthday cake to die for

Close-up of Devil’s Food Cake

Are you drooling that? Care to know what's that? Here's a clue:

Unfrosted Devil’s Food Cake

That's one layer of the cake, unfrosted.

Devil’s Food Cake

and this is after I've put the 2 layers together and frosted it.

I'm sure you would have figured out what cake this is by now. It's a dead giveaway.

It's sooo obvious it's chocolate.


It's not just any chocolate cake.

It is Devil's Food Cake. Oh yes siree.. and... it doubled up as a perfect birthday cake.

Birthday cake

Don't you just wish you could have a slice???

Slice of Devil’s Food Cake

well you could.

but you would have to bake it yourself though.

I really have to say that this is really a birthday cake to die for. My friend Francis celebrated his birthday yesterday and I wanted to do something. And since baking is kind of what I do best, I decided why not bake him a cake? And I did. I was actually deciding between a chocolate mud cake, a 'i died and went to heaven' chocolate cake, and this devil's food cake.

In the end, I went with the devil's food cake. Me being the fickle person, I asked my good friend Dot to choose one, and turns out that her choice was perfect. Haha... this is indeed one sinful cake. But who cares? You gotta indulge sometimes don't you?

This devil's food cake is one of the easiest cakes I've made and it looks brilliant. yes it's decadent and seriously chocolatey but heh chocolate is GOOD for you. Like all foods, eat with moderation and you don't have to worry about the flab. Just a slight digression... Dark chocolate is the way to go I say. Valrhona dark chocolate rocks big time. And chocolate is God's greatest gift to mankind. So please do not deprive yourself of this food fit for the Gods.

On another note altogether, yesterday's birthday celebration centred not only on the cake but this:

Huge Spread of Food

don't looked shocked. There were about 6 of us there to finish it all. So it isn't so bad. But the food was good. seriously. We ate at Lau Pa Sat where the good satay is. There's like more than 14 satay stalls and the owners have no qualms harrassing you, trying to get you to buy from their stall. We also had chicken wings, sambal kangkong, sambal stingray, and yes a fruit salad to wash all the oil down!

And of course we were stuffed but still had space for the cake. Everyone loved the cake so I guess this recipe's a definite keeper. Might bake it again for another friend's birthday which is coming up in about a week's time! I was certainly very satisfied. I was actually worried it might not taste as good as it looked. But hell ya, I worried for nothing. Evil or not, Devil's Food Cake rocks my world, and everyone else's.


Jennifer said...

Oh my. A Devil's Food Chocolate birthday cake. What could be better?

Colin said...

Eh, spoil market. Why do all your baked goodies turn out perfect? In any case, your updates always keep me going, even if they do induce some rather embarrassing stomach growls.

coboypb said...

Your blog is an inspiration to baking enthusiasts like me. I used to visit for baked recipes but now I just pop by yours and a few other local food blogs. I will try my hand in baking this Devil's Food Choc cake one day :)

Lisa said...

Oh my. Yummy! :-)

the baker said...

jennifer: ya, tell me about it! there is no other cake as good as the devil's food cake! muahahaha... can you see the horns growing out??? =p

colin: not always, colin, not always. the most important thing is the technique... and reading up on the process and the nature of the ingredients. but do try out this cake, it's a no-brainer. really!

coboypb: i don't really like allrecipes. these days, i use mostly Epicurious recipes. It's an online collection for recipes which have appeared in Gourmet and Bon Appetit mag. They are very reliable. ya let me know how your cake turns out when you try it k? good luck! :)

lisa: make that yummy X infinity = heaven, hmm or hell? devil food cake remember :p

Keropok Man said...

yikes. reading your blog at 2 AM, makes my stomach just growled!

about allrecipes, realised that most of them turn out too tooo toooo sweet! I have to halve the sugar, just not suitable for Asian / Singapore taste.

will try out your recipes soon. they look quite logical, the proportions :-)

sari said...

O shit!!! I need to have sambal kangkong, grilled chicken wings and stingray now!! They are my fav!!!!!!!!! Goodness me and yr choc cake looks soooo sinful!!!! Yum!! I can have a pcs of dat for sure.

the baker said...

keropok man: allrecipe's recipes look suspicious somehow. i don't why. haha that's why i wholly endorse Epicurious! yes, most recipes tend to be too sweet. ya do try out the recipes and let me know if it worked for ya.

michie: haha... yea tell me about it! i'm sure you were wishing you were back in sg right now ya? =P

Annie said...


This looks yummy .. it tempts me to try it out.. in the recipe they ask for sour cream is it necessary or can we use plain cream for frosting..

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