Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ms. Baker bakes once again

Apricot Crumble Cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIX! Yea, today's my brother's 16th birthday and I baked him an apricot crumble cake. I usually bake a mean chocolate brownie cake but since mum didn't want something too sweet, i settled for this new recipe i found on Delia Smith's site. It's a rather simple recipe and the result is a half-flan, half-cake delight with a sponge base, fruit (apricot) filling and crumble topping. I figure you can use any fruit you want, as long as it's not too wet? I hope to try using blueberries or maybe strawberries next time.

Cake Slice

That's a close up shot of a slice. as you can spot, my mistake - the crumble topping. It's kind of my first time using a crumble topping and i think i didn't get the texture right. it was simply too dry and when i cut the cake, the crumble kept coming off. I should make sure it's lumpy enough before sprinkling it on the cake next time. but other than that, all was good. i'm pretty happy with my first apricot crumble cake and so was my brother. he had 2 slices. i think it'll taste good with yoghurt too...

David Eyre Pancake

this was another new venture i tried out last night. also known as david eyre pancake, i got this recipe from The Food Section. This one's rather different from your usual pan fried pancake... this one, you pop it into an oven and let it bake. i kinda like the result. and topped it off with some icing sugar and lemon juice. yummy. makes for a good breakfast for 2. check out the recipe at the link i provided above.

was surfing the web for more recipes to try and found some promising ones. mother's day is coming soon... next weekend.. maybe i'll try baking something new for mum. i do believe she's had enough of my chocolate brownies! not that they're not to die for.. but she finds it too sweet for her liking. but hey my logic is, if a brownie is not sweet then it's not a brownie! afterall, chocolate's sweet... i hope to one day master the molten chocolate cake though... and yes i would love to use Valhrona chocolate!!! yes yes... dark chocolate's the best.


Fat Fingers said...

hehe i made the pancake today for my mother this morning! She loves it! :D Thanks for sharing all these recipes! :)

the baker said...

that's great! it's really a very different kind of pancake don't you think? i'll never look at pancake the same way again! =) it's my pleasure to share recipes =)

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