Sunday, April 24, 2005



look at that rich purple eggplant. i love it's royal hue. it helps that my favourite colour is in fact purple. maybe that's why i like eggplants? okay enough nonsense already. to be perfectly honest, i didn't fancy eggplant when i was younger. maybe it was because of the way they were cooked? somehow over the years, i've come to like them and esp. now... i love them! i think they're best eaten grilled.

speaking of grilled... ah yes, i made a rather healthy veggie sandwich yesterday. you'll more or less figure what i'm talking about as you look at the following pictures. i shall not spoil them with words in between. enjoy looking and await my explanation at the end. =)

Bell Peppers

Colours Galore

Post-grilled Veggies


Closeup Sandwich

hopefully you found it as appealing in terms of colour and freshness, as i did. well i was feeling rather healthy i guess. went for a run in the morning and decided to head out to buy some eggplant, red and yellow bell peppers to concoct my own grilled vegetable foccacia sandwich. i tell you, grilled bell peppers are so yummy. there's a certain sweetness that complements the entire package. i had a great time eating them... together with the eggplant and some oh so lovely feta cheese in that foccacia bread i bought. delicious. i felt so good afterwards! am thinking of making more sandwiches to bring to work for lunch... saves lots of money. maybe i'll get some ciabatta or spelt bread. i love these kinds of breads... much better than ordinary white bread...

okay, digressing a little, i've discovered an increasing liking for jap curry. not sure why. all started with me eating curry katsu don the other day and i think i got hooked since. i just ate beef curry ramen today for dinner and it was so so yummy. it's not so spicy and has a lovely sweetness from it.. comes from the carrots and onions i guess... oh no.. i think i'll be eating jap food more often. i already feel like trying out this udon place i passed by the other day. it's called Sanuki Udon. they hand make theirs. it's at Scotts food court. maybe i'll have that for lunch tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, and wana say hi. :-) I love grilled bell peppers too! NIce foodie blog by the way...

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