Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Epitome of Food

Gelare Waffles

Won't you look at that! Are you drooling already? It's gorgeous isn't it? It's waffles from Gelare's by the way. I had it yesterday. Tuesdays are half-priced waffles day - the best day to have this fantastic waffle with ice-cream. I love the person who created waffles. In fact, I love the person who concocted chocolate too, and yes not to mention, ice-cream. and heck, i want to worship the person who thought of a great way to consume chocolate. yes, via FONDUE. Especially the one from Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar at the Esplanade. won't describe it. i'll let the picture speak for itself:

Chocolate Fondue

Okay, you must be thinking what a pig i am heh? Well for one thing. I love everything there is to love about food! Come on, tell me, what's there not to love? Besides, i'm an adventurous eater. I'm keen to try out new stuff all the time. Since this is one of my first few posts on my spanking new food blog, i thought i'd give a glimpse of the person i am. so i thought what better way to start the ball rolling by showing some of my favourite foods! yes in case you're wondering, these pictures here are taken by me, with my trusty Nokia 7610 camera phone. amazing quality eh? well i'm known for snapping shots of my food before i tuck it. ask all of my friends, they think i'm freakin' mad. maybe that's just cos they've never come across a person as passionate about food as me.

all right, i had better stop digressing. yes, my fav foods. i think sugar is my greatest downfall. i ADORE desserts. gotta have them. there's always always space for dessert even after a full meal. it's my weakness. i have a sweet tooth, i admit that. i am a chocoholic too.. there. i've confessed my darkest sin. and oh yea, i love all carbs. i love to rip up some bread, dip it into curry, i have my cake and eat it, i love potatoes, pasta, ice cream, waffles and heck the list goes on and on. i guess i do make up for it with exercise. believe me, i have to, or else i'll be a freaking blob. that's one huge reason why i can never stay in Australia. I lived there for 2 months when i was in Brisbane for an internship 2 years back and i gained 10kg. Blame it on the Tim Tams i say.

oh, and i'm one person who would rather spend money on food than on anything else. weird huh? but like i said, i can't live without yummy food. i'm always on the look out for the best food. my friends know who to call if they want to find a fantastic place to have their lunch dinner, supper what not. so yep, i guess i'm a qualified food 'expert' or gourmet, to put it in nicer terms?

i have no idea what made me love food so much. not that i was starved when i was younger. i just always knew i would someday find a calling in the food industry. how i don't know. i always tell people, the two greatest love and passions of my life are Food & Writing. yea, just so you know, i'm also an aspiring journalist. Studied mass communication and am currently freelancing for a mag and the national newspaper. waiting for my big break. was hoping to get a job at a food publication but to no avail. thus my food blog! =) anyways, gosh i can just go on and on and on about food all day long and not stop. okay i shall try to be less rambly. and oh before i sign off, i have to rave about Fish & Co's seafood platter. i know it might not be top notch but i love it anyhow. it has that hearty feel to it. the way it's served in a pan and how you can see all the seafood dumped together. YUMMY.

Seafood Platter

as you can see, they've got prawns, dory, fries, mussels and squids. it's not the best and freshest seafood i've tasted but somehow, this one just wins me over with the ruggedness of it all. not sure if you understand what i'm trying to say. but i think when you're hungry and craving for something, it will taste good no matter what... unless it is really substandard food.

anyhow, speaking of substandard food. the other day, i dined at this amazing place called Cafe Society which is by Boat Quay and mind you, it was far from substandard. it was by far the best meal i've eaten so far in terms of quality wise. i'm thinking foie gras, quail, creme brulee. yes yes, okay i'll post pictures up another day so look out for it! ... gotta run... before i start to drool on my keyboard.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice site you have here, esp since it reminds me of all the stuff I miss! Esp Gelare's cone shaped ice cream scoops! =) yum....

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